Orca’s Linux Became Boring! :(

For some reason or the other my Manjaro Linux system doesn’t use the unstable repository anymore. I dunno why, everything seems to be set up as usual, exactly as I had it since the stone age. And I haven’t changed anything since then neither. I should be getting all the highly risky unstable updates. Why aren’t I getting them? I have a reputation as stuntgirl to live up to, dammit! Totally weird shit going on here.

See this: Branch = unstable. Gee, I wonder why the fukn comp doesn’t use the unstable repo then.

So at this point I’m not only much too afraid to ask the experts in Manjaro forum, and being outed as the clueless chikin I really am, I’m not even sure anymore if I even wanna know what’s happening deep down in the guts of my system. The thing is, I’m still on the latest Kernel so nobody can say I’m behind the times, like Ubuntu, Mint and Debian and shit. Also the stable repo on which I am obviously now, gives me peace of mind and absolute carefree rock solid stability. As it should be for a production system, right?

One of the very few updates I just received 5 minutes ago. It isn’t bad.

No 5 – 6 micro updates every day but bigger updates every couple weeks or so. And they usually install without any problems since all the kinks and problems have already been ironed out by the crash test dummies on unstable and testing repos. So Orca’s computing life isn’t as exciting anymore but soooo relaxing. 🙂 It’s really kinda nice to be a normal computer user and not the crisis manager on your own hardware anymore. Aaaaaaaw …


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