What? My little old bloggy? Booming? Obviously!


113 hourly views is even higher than my last b00ms which peaked at 73, repectively 98, views per hour. But why? And how? Lately my readers don’t love me as much as they used to, not anymore …


Hmmm, I guess as long as anonymous cowards yell at me – for whatever reason – at least they are driving the view counter up, don’t they? But now, really come on, my productivity hasn’t fully recovered yet and right now I’m pretty much pre-occupied with that RL stuff. Who’d ever thought it’d be such fun? Well, the graphics are so much better than SL’s, and although the daycycles have unfavourably long nights, during the days, that sun thing … wow! Really enjoying the  probably last heatwave of this fall, and enjoying our new old Ford van.

Hm, talking about van, guess I should return to my camper van trip throughout the SL grid and also check out all the Japanese hot baths. Yeah … maybe tomorrow. 😉

Until then thank you all very much for your continuing patronage of this poor excuse of a weblog. I promise I’ll try to do better. 😉


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