Something Completely Different: Linux :)

Oh yes, just the other day I promised you to check out Apricity with Cinnamon desktop environment. Just because I kinda liked Apricity as a system quite a lot but hated its original Gnome desktop. What made me really curius  about Apricity was the fact it’s available with the cuddly comfy Cinnamon desktop as well … and you can create your own spin of it!

Yes, imagine that: A fancy af Arch Linux system, Orcafied for dummies and, dunno, downloadable from Github for my readers and everyone else. Kool eh? My goal for this Orcacity or whatever spin is to only put the most important applications on. Office suite, browser, emailer, graphics software, a piratey resource sharing torrent application, some multimedia stuff for watching moovies and listening to moosic. And most importantly Firestorm and Singularity SL viewers will be preinstalled!

Big plans, right. So today, before I forget my plan, I finally managed to install Apricity/Cinnamon on MiniMe, the secondary desktop.

My screens f.l.t.r.: Apricity installing on MiniMe, good old Manjaro on MiniMax and a freshly installed SparkyLinux on Gaga.

If and when I eventually get around actually doing what I’m talking about you’ll have no excuse anymore not to at least give Linux a chance. Really! But relax guys, you know Orca is slow and more words than action. But anyhoo, even if I don’t get around to dummiefy Apricity, the basis of Cinnamon is very super simple already and shouldn’t give any of you a hard time. And due to the nifty Arch User Repository you’ll have Firestorm and/or Singularity installed in seconds. Gimme some days to play and explore Apricity a bit more in depth before I come up with a real kinda review of the system.


And seen the little screen on the right side? Yeah, that’s SparkyLinux, also installed just half an hour ago and up for rigid testing. Sparky is a Debian system, famous for being rock solid stable and indestructable. I’m still undecided if I shall use Sparky or Apricity on OrcNet for our short trip to Germany. My beloved Manjaro is acting up on that fukn netbook so I need a good alternative. And Sparky seems to be very competent and bullshit free as is so typical for Debian distros. Shouldn’t give me any headaches and nervous breakdowns but just work.

Really looking forward to the next couple days. But for today I feel I’ve done enough Linuxy stuff and shall continue my dawn patrol …


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