Niamh’s Journey of Dreams …

… equals Orca’s nightmare. πŸ™‚

Naaaw, all is fine. Believe me, your mostest favourtistest blog editrix is healthy and in good mood as she survived yet another art sim. But let’s start from the beginning, with some facts n shit:

When I readered about Niamh’s Journey of Dreams in Inara Pey’s allmighty blog I first dismissed it in my mind as silly and childish “artsy fartsy” shit. Pretentious crappola.


But then it dawned on me: If this exhibition even gets the great Inara’s attention then who am I to question its status as a piece of real artsyness? And since I’m known to be silly and childish myself sometimes, why not check it out personally?

So off I went to the Niamh exhibit:

Orca arrives at the landing point like totally unprepared.
As expected and seen in Inara’s blogstory nothing here is subtle or sparse.
Typically impatient Orca won’t even take the time to read the storyboards, which are probably about Niamh and her doubtlessly very colourful journey.
Cluelessly she just follows the path and enjoys the oversaturated colours of the plentiful plantlife around her.
Now this exhibition is also a good example for sim-creating artists about creating lush landscapes.
Hmm, if Orca was a sim she’d look like so. πŸ™‚
And so. Told ya, this art ain’t subtle in no way.
But indeed there is something special about this exhibition, something Orca can’t put in words.
Uiuiui, now even some fog or mist or dew or … anyhoo, looks very nice.
The only almost a bit spooky station along the path are those Hitchcockian Birds.
Then the plentyfull colourized world is back … with some more pastel tones now. And particles and shiny glowy stuffz.
Oh my, we told that silly girl not to wear her good white skirt when she’s playing outside. But of course as soon as the rain shower set in she was like totally focussed on soaking in the mud. 😦
Then she noticed a pinkish shine and went into it for exploration …
… and ended up on a mountaintop. Nice particles here give a spring-like atmosphere.
Turning around the whole sim is laid out right below her. This is really good.

Conclusion: No shit, I really didn’t look at the name(s) of the artist(s) who came up with Niamh’s Journey of Dreams. Nor did I read anything in Inara’s blog but went into the exhibit totally unprepared and was willing to just let it flow over me. And whoa, colour me impressed! Even without knowing shit about Niamh’s Dream I know I was really digging the exhibition as such. It was the nicest experience just walking the path of Niamh’s Dreams.



    • No, thank you! You know I can’t write in another style. To my shame I’ve gotta confess being German, so brutal straight forwardness is in my genes. And my lack of a huge English vocabulary limits my expressions even more.
      Anyway, thx a bunch for such a colour- and joyful exhibition. It’s a real pleasure and I can recommend it to all my two or three readers.

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  1. even though you totally dismissed the poor tale that led to this creation and the layering of story and build, I chuckled at your “brutal straightforwardness” in describing your experience there. Glad you enjoyed it and took the time to write a post about it.

    Liked by 1 person

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