Living on the Mainland

Inspirational Ozzie girl living in the SL snow n ice. Is winter coming now?


Everyday616042017_001I went looking for other people’s experiences of living on the Mainland in SL and couldn’t seem to find any. There are a few posts about living in Bay City but there is more to the mainland than that! I want to state straight up…I love living on the mainland. I like the quirkiness of it, the characters you meet and the weird builds you come across in really unexpected places. I like the pods that tour all over the place and the train service and the boats that run up the river outside my place and the pontoon that crosses the river between the rail station and the ONSR info platform. It’s just such a testaRiding the pods 13042017_001ment to the creativity and whackiness of people and the freedom we have to build and make things and enjoy the differences in each other. Because I love it so much, I think…

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