Don’t Act Surprised, As If You Didn’t Know

Ok, of course the Russia Insider is propaganda. Buuuuut the numbers are all there, they are true hard facts. And IRUSSIANALITY is a real existing condition.

nato drills

I’d say, ladies, why are we looking at our men, some of us even cheering them on, when they’re about to enter just another pub brawl for no good reason other than just to be like real men and having fun shooting their rifles and canons and flying their little jet planes and all that useless shit?

Them idiots are wasting too huge chunks of our tax money which could otherwise been brought to more, better uses. Hospitals, kindergartens, public transport, schools, universities, roads, city planning, infrastructure, health care, unemployment benefits, pension funds, adult learning centers, you name it. We all could be friends with benefits!

You know there’s a special kind of people making it big in politics. I call these people assholes. Cause that is what they are. Somehow in our modern world being a reckless asshole does still pay off quite nicely. Nobody becomes US president, or German chancelor or president of any country *cough* Turkey *cough cough* by playing nice, by being fair. So of course they continue their aggro spiel once they’ve bullied their way into power, and do exactly the same they did with their national competition … only now on an international level.

It starts with verbal provocations, i.e. Obama calling Putin a small local leader (meaning I am representing the whole fuckín planet and am much betterer than you, Vlad!) and continues with Trump dropping like real bombs on Syria. And you applaud him for his presidential behaviour? 😮

Well, fuk me sideways, I give up. 😦


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