Oubaas Arrived At His New Home

Today finally Kalli called us with the good news that the Transit is driving lekker and ready for collection. That poor man was working the whole Easter weekend, day and night, on that old van and ran into problems. Engine mountings broke off and destroyed the radiator fan, putting in an automatic gearshifter, filling up on all fluids and this and that but finally the whole car is mechanically sound and drives really sweet.

Finally there’s a car in our parking spot again. Even a pretty cool one.

So of course first thing I did was filling up. But stop, young Orca, don’t fill up completely! The tank has a volume of 150 liters, filling it up would ruin us! Anyway, I put in my usual 300 ZAR (~20 €) and then brought the carriage home to show hubby. Oh, btw, filling up on petrol will be soo much easier from now on. Someone put a Ford Sapphire 3l V6 into this usually pretty lame delivery van. We think it’s maybe from the early 90s. Doesn’t matter. Main thing is that we can fill up on normal lead free juice, which is not only cheaper but available at all gas stations. No more hassles for us. \o/ YAY! \o/

Looking sexy from all sides. 😉

I decided to keep the panels that were floating around in the load compartment. They are Transit side doors we can use to make the windows functional again. So taking out the screens and getting rid of the metal shit should be the next thing to do. Or bringing it all to our mechanic and let him do it for us. Orcsi is much too spoiled to touch all that dirty rusty shit herself. =^.^=

I love the small porthole-like windows in the last panel. Pretty fancy, no? See that apparition underneath the loading door? It’s the special stainless steel petrol tank. The 225/45 17″ tyres are more or less brandnew, which is good since stuff like that is baaie expensive and we’re not in the mood to get a new set all around anytime soon-ish.

Anyway, for now we’re just happy to be in posession of a driveable car again. So I can go out tomorrow for some banking business, talking to our mechanic, getting our good Sony radio from the guy who bought our Turdy, shopping for some car spares, having a good Wash n Go and then, maybe, driving to the cinema that is a bit further away and watch GitS in 2D. Oh yes, and of course fabricating some kinda ramp for hubby’s wheelchair. Actually that shall be the first thing to do. 🙂

And hey, we already found a name for the old Transit. Despite the lack of any paperwork and absence of a chassis number we know it’s quite old, probably early/mid 70s, so at least as old as Turdy was. So we call him Oubaas now. Oubaas is Afrikans and means …




South African a person who is senior in years or rank

Oubaas of the South African soapie “7de Laan”.

Yes, right, an oubaas is what we call in more civilzed countries a “geezer”.

We think it’s quite a fitting name, depite the “modern” engine, mag wheels and racing tyres. The whole carriage has a quite old-ish appeal. A real Oubaas. And so it shall be.


  1. Well doing my usual digging around in wikipedia i found several facts:
    Your truck / Van was most likely built in Turkey.
    It version #1 meaning it was built any time between 1965 and 1978
    Due to the long nose the van was likely originally a police van or ambulance.
    And finally this amusing fact!

    According to the show Top Gear, British police have reported that in the 1970s, 95% of all robberies in which the criminals used a vehicle involved this type of Ford Transit.

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    • Mhm, thank you but I knew all that already. The Mk1 was built in UK, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Netherlands, New Zealand and Australia and was marketed worldwide. Basically everywhere but in the US. We have reason to believe Oubaas was made in UK. Like all cars in Saffa it’s a RHD model, so UK is the most logical supplier. NZ and AUS are a bit too far off, no?
      And no, ours fortunately doesn’t feature the long nose, which was made for diesel variations. Looked like a pigs snout anyway. Not adorable.

      See that shit?

      The original identity of the body can’t be identified since there ain’t a chassis number. According to Kalli people were much more trustworthy back in the day. 🙂 At least Kalli’s police contact could tell him that Oubaas wasn’t stolen and Kalli could even find the original owner. Turns out that guy is like 90 y/o and not dead. So we have a good chance to get the car registered by direct transfer from him to me and without too much beaurocratic shit.

      Anyhoo, was just taking him on an errands running tour around the block and am in love with that thing! The feeling when driving is so much more grown up and earnestly important and relaxed than in those silly underpowered Volkswagen microvans.


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