“Orca Don’t Love Linux No More?”

Stupid blogreader, before you ask me anything learn proper English. Jeez. Even if you’re just an imaginary blogreader existing only in Orca’s noggin, that’s no reason to go all sloppy on these here pages.

Ok, with that out of the way, yes, you noticed a lack of Linux hotness and newnesses lately. That doesn’t mean I feel less love for my favourite operating system. Everything goes hunky dory on my  side and I couldn’t be more happy as with my recent setup. Will probably do a Apricity Cinnamon review kinda thing in the next days. Remember I tested its Gnome version just recently and am still planning to make an Orca special version from it. Something for you guys to download and install and play with. But that’s a bit in the future.

As for right now I guess the whole GNU/Linux world is as stable as Orca’s personal system, the whole community functions swimmingly and theer are no major storms forecasted in the future.

Of course Canonical’s Mark Shuttleworth’s anouncement of tossing their own Unity desktop in favour of Gnome caused some ripples, mostly at Canonical, not in the greater community. A lot of people were laid off, the CEO Jane Silber resigned and everybody’s sooo fukn concerned about Ubuntu’s and Canonical’s future. Hmmm, can we say pfff to that?

Yes, it’ll be a friggin shame if the world’s most famoustest Linux distro would bite the dust, but it won’t change anything about Linux at all. It’s like as if Volkswagen goes bankrupt; the car industry, manhood’s fascination with the automobile will remain untouched. Particularly Orcablog did never care about the vanilla Ubuntu, never reviewed it, never recomended it for you, and in so far we’ll know our Linux lifes will go on as usual. And fortunately the Ubuntu/Unity thing was the biggest newness in GNU/Linux in quite a while. All Ubuntu-base distros are bringing out their 17.04 versions shortly but that’s hardly newsworthy material but just seasonal changes. So nothing much for Orca to write home about. Here, kinda proof:



See, on the It’s F.O.S.S. site also features Canonical/Ubuntu/Unity/Shuttleworth as the most prominent news. Let’s check quickly what else we got: Things to do after installing Ubu 17.04. Nobody in their right mind does that anyway. Univention? WTF is a Windows Domain Controller? Does it help us in Second Life? No? Aha, forget about it then. Tizen? Really? Tizen? That thing that caused some ripples in the Linux on smartphones community like 1,000 years ago and then was never heard of again? So how and why are we interested in Samsungs’s business struggles. The market consists of iPhone and Android phones … and Samsung is a heavyweight in the Android world … and we couldn’t care less. Canonical tried it and failed, Microsoft tried it and failed, now Samsung’s trying it since 10 years or so and they’re gonna fail. We’re desktop computer users, aren’t we? So why should we even care? Python environments in Linux and Unix? Interesting for code geeks, not for Linuxy housewifes, so pfff. Now the last story is intertesting System 76’s new Galago Pro should be the best or at least 2nd best laptop (after the Dell XPS13) for mobile users who don’t wanna game. Of course since it’s a System76 it’s coming with preinstalled Ubuntu out of the box. While it’ll run your Windows flawlessly at least we know it’s completely Linux compatible. But Orcablog already reported about that nifty machine.

All in all we see now why and how Orca’s daily dawn patrol has her coming up mostly empty handed lately. And no reason to worry about Linux or its future. Sometimes no news is indeed good news. Linux is now 25 years old and – although not a fave of the masses – goes from strength to strength, and the modern computer world and internet culture would be unimaginable without the power of Linux. Microsoft, Apple and all your minions, forget about Linux disappearing. Linux will go places, but not necessarily where you want it. 😉

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