STAR WARS Newness!


My oh my, they starting early this year, don’t they? Come on, Disney, that flick, Episode VIII, is announced for December … right now we’re only busy hunting fukn easter eggs! How much more propaganda do ya wanna crap on us before the main attraction hits the theatres? Won’t you let us enjoy a nice spring season and a summer of beachy sailing fun before sending us into the cold and dark movie dungeon? Jeez. 😮

Anyhoo, this landed just fresh on Thar She Blows’s news desk:

More questions than answers? Having a bad feeling about this? Then maybe risk a peek onto this shit here:

Ok, due to Orcablog’s painstakingly researched pseudo facts y’all can consider yourself fukn jedis, full of SW wisdom now. Many resistance spies died bringing you these trailers! 😮 No applesauce please. Send money instead. 🙂

Panda Wars
Ooopsie, wrong franchise … beg pardon.


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