Let’s Not Forget …

… the mostest evilestest man on the fukn planet right now. Nooo, not talking about Trump but this one. Sheesh …


Oh, maybe, just maybe …


Oh well, if y’all know what I’m about to say, it doesn’t need to be said. So we can all agree on Assad ain’t the bogey man? And all the west has come up with yet are very very obviously faked “news footage” about a highly unlikely sarin gas attack. I mean, come on now, why would Assad do something as stupid as that right when he’s about to win over ISIS? Makes no sense, right? And you know a sarin gas attack takes some planning and resources and money and logistics … all in demand and not readily available in Syria right now.

Bullshit, Orca! We know exactly who has all this in ridiculous amounts! And it’s not Assad.


  1. Of course not!! Even though the gasses are rather easy and cheap to produce and store, (I can actually produce some of them in my kitchen), the money to produce them and store them are the same people who 3 years ago pledged to take them from Assad and either didn’t or allowed him to produce more and were there as the latest atrocity was being loaded on the planes, The Russians! The world knows his, the world has seen and accepted the proof, and the world is looking for punishment. My only hope is that Putin is at the end of his rope, right next to Assad for the world to see. War criminal next to war criminal. And if we get really lucky George Bush and Dick Cheney right next to them, as an added bonus!!! Ah what a testament to truth and payment to all of these war criminals and future ones to come. But sadly there is no such thing as a perfect world and we will never see true justice come to this planet.

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    • No, we won’t, sadly. But I stil believe that neither Assad nor Putin had their hands in the latest attack, because … what reason would they have? They are on the winning streak in the fight against ISIS (from which the USA curiously has departed). And for exactly the reason, having the west’s eyes on them, they would never do it. This reeks very much like one of the usual hamfisted CIA ops if you ask me.
      Knowing you’d never ask me I’ll leave it at that. But I bet my sexy ass in 10 years time we’ll be told the truth, just like with the WMDs.


  2. Orcs in a world of let’s say 8 billion YOU are one of about 50000 that give any credence to the syrian regime enjoy your total orca bubble fantasy


    • About 50,000? Cool. Didn’t know there were so many questioning people left in the world. Thought we had more sheeples by now. Oh, btw, Sammie, I know it’s more than 50,000, in China alone it must be billions who don’t fall for NATO propaganda anymore … or never did. Add to that Russia, Saffa, Brasil and India, many other countries in latin America and Africa and you’ll notice … ooooh fuk, the majority of people on this fukn planet have had quite enough of American/European meddling! Let’s not forget this will be the Asian century. America and Europe have enjoyed their time in the sun for long enough, it’s time for them to step aside.

      And another btw: I don’t give any credence to anyone involved in the Syrian hullabaloo, it’s just the facts supporting Russian/Syrian claims over the American ones.


  3. i wonder if miata can make sarin in her kitchen funny i notice she avoids the claim as til what she can make in her kitchen she’s learning slowly not to make extravagant false claims good to see she listens and thus stops making herself look li,e a total twat as usual well done miata


  4. Oh Orca, Miss Village Idiot doubts my word. I was just going to give her a small (and final) demonstration of my sincerity. The best part kids, is that chlorine gas can be made with normal household ingredients so no need to go shopping for some of those hard to get items used in the production of sarin. Hundreds of housewives a year worldwide do themselves in accidentally by mixing a few household cleaners while going about their menial chores.
    Hey Sammy maybe you would like mustard gas instead! Not so fast in killing ya, but those painful blisters are a “gas” (get it folks? ). Another rather easy item to produce at home. Just have to have the brain power to do it, which is the part you may be lacking Sammy.

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    • “Oh Orca, Miss Village Idiot doubts my word.”
      No, miss village idiot doesn’t doubt your ability to off yourself with some accidentally mixed household gas, not the least litlte bit. I threatened to give you a stern warning for threatening my little Sammie with a poison gas attack. Datz basically all. 🙂


  5. now, now, Orca you think i would travel a mile to do anything to that idiot? I was merely going to offer the means to whip up a batch herself and check my accuracy. I told you before I don’t hurt stupid animals, they tend to take care of it themselves.

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