Premium Gift

After a loooong waiting period, LL in it’s glorious graticiousness (or sumfink) has given us another premium gifty. To be honest, up to now they all used to be kinda meh, except the Lindy Plane. That thing was much fun, particularly for a non-flyer like Orca. But let’s get on with the new gift.


I wonder what it’ll be …


A box! And butterflies. Yeah, cool! 😮


Oh, there’s something in that box: A silly treehouse. Okayyyy, let’s see if it’s any good. Build quality looks kinda decent.


Let’s climb up and check it out up close …


Not as huge as the apartments in Mowry’s big tree but very cozy.


The good impression continues on the inside as well. It’s indeed very cozy. With some more anims in the chairs and more stuff to play with it would’ve been great. So far the only thing we can do in here is lit up the fireplace. Would’ve been fancy if I could read a book tho. Or some couple anims for the chairs … jus sayin’ …


The second chair is equally sparsely equipped. :/


So we climb back down to have a look at the swing …

… which unfortunately isn’t much fun neither. Come on LL, you can do so much better.

Yes I know the old saying about gift horses and not looking in their mouthes. But I disagree. I don’t regard these things as gifts in so far as we’re giving LL our more or less hard-earned monies but LL doesn’t have to invest any money into the gifts. Okay, maybe some Lindens for the poor old builders of stuff in SL. But not more than that. There will never be any problems with supply or distribution. That’s why I wonder about why are LL with their gifts always missing the mark? Even if it’s just a few inches, missed is missed!

Of course they won’t create any competition with “real” SL treehouse builders (or plane builders for that matter) but a bit more stuff to keep the proud new owners occupied and happy with the gift.

The Lindy had many stuffs to play with and flew very nicely, ergo was she lotsa fun.



    • Sammie, the gifts are available at premium sandboxes, up on the hill. Where you found the earlier premium gifts as well. I’d give you a LM if I wasn’t too lazy to log in and find it now. =^.^=


    • Foneco … good god girl, the gift only came out on the 14th. I guess it’ll be available for some weeks to come. Don’t give up so quickly! And how can you miss any gifts, LL sends emails to all premium members so we’re reminded.


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