Keeping My Promise

Heyyy, remember how I promised you to not blog about POTUS D. Trump anymore? Because he’s mentioned too often in the media anyway. And, was I right? Yes, I was. Trump and his bunch of amateur comedians in the White House are in fact too much to handle for a single girl and her understaffed bloggy. They set an unprecedented record of real-life satire that can’t be trumped by even the sharpest political satirist.

Donald Trump Alec Baldwin

And Orca is far from that. She knows next to nothing about internal US politics and even if, the amount of blogworthy news by Team Trump is sooo overwhelming, I’d had to dedicate my whole blog to Trump newnesses. And I’m not willing to do so. Quite the contrary, I happily sacrifice the many many golden opportunities for funny Trump stories. Why? Because I’m lazy? No, not really. Trump is a very low hanging fruit, my blog would literally fill itself with the most hilarious material ever. No, I abstain from Trump-blogging because I much rather like to write about this thing, Second Life and that other thing, Linux OS. Oh, and about kittens and movies and anime and all kinds of shit.

President Donald Trump speaks at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., Thursday, April 6, 2017, after the U.S. fired a barrage of cruise missiles into Syria Thursday night in retaliation for this week's gruesome chemical weapons attack against civilians.

The topic of Trump is just too tiring and it bores me to tears. So I leave it. Sometimes it’s hard. Believe me I feel a hardly controlable urge to write about 59 missiles who seemed to have accidently hit Syria or so, and it’s really hard to give that Spicer/Hitler guy a pass. And, oh well, admitting freely the White House’s goal of destabilizing Syria, he’s almost like secretly playing for our team of good people. Please, USA, stop it! I beg of you, it’s too much. I can’t bear it anymore, all the wonderful comedic material. It’s like a comedy gift that keeps on giving … and you’re just wasting it away.


Anyhoo, Orca promised to stay away from Trump news, and she delivered … by not delivering. =^.^= And after today’s little excursion I shall zip my writing hand again.

Let’s rather concentrate on the really important things in life. For example …






  1. further anyone that defends the use of chemical weapons, orr supports them in any way whatsoever deserves the scorn and contempt and every missile available to rain down on them Russia and syria are and be in NO doubt about it acting as one and BOTH deserve what they get screw bolotics it’s a disgrace PERIOD


    • I guess Assad has chemical weaponry, not so sure about the Russians. Anyway, the footage of the gas victims was fake. I hear from experts no helper would go in without gloves on. And I don’t know who really used the opportunity to stage a fake sarin gas attack. So the jury’s still out and we’ll never see any results. What we know now for sure is that the White House’s longterm plan is to destabilize Syria at all costs, so the sarin gas attack came in very handy, no?


  2. there is NO satire in killing your own people with chemical weapons
    ask a certain adolf he did it and the world stopped him thankfully The world should react against genocide

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    • Adolf never thought of the jewish part of the German population as “his own people”. And “The world” was happy at first about Hitler taking care of the Jew problem since nobody liked those guys anyway. That’s why all the refugee ships were denied entry into save harbors in England and the USA. The freeing of the concentration camps was merely a side effect, when the allied troops stumbled upon one.


  3. Hey Sammie! Who stopped the Holocaust in WWII? And who is taking action to stop this one? The good old US of A!! Again, for every holocaust who was there to stop the bloodshed and death. The US, I’m sick of people such as Orca editing this or or pasting the “truth” like her french asshole hero did. That was the behavior that did her sailing forum in,
    let the professionals on the ground there write the truth and stop putting a political spin on stuff that under no decency can be defended.

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    • “Who stopped the Holocaust in WWII?”
      Soviet, British, American and Morrocan/French troops. Although mostly the Soviets. But none of them came in time to “stop the holocaust”. 6 mio Jews had already been culled, so the holocaust was mostly done.

      “And who is taking action to stop this one?”
      Which one? You see any Jews endangered and put in camps right now? All I see is a slow holocaust on Palestinians. We can see Israel behaving like Nazi Germany … and the US supporting them.

      “I’m sick of people such as Orca editing this”
      Only person who ever edited anything in this here blog was our friend Petra.
      Well, let me elaborate on this statement before you bite your teeth into insignificant details. Of course I edit this blog … I’m the fukn EDITRIX hereabouts. It’s my fukn JOB to edit this blog! BUT I only edit my own posts, and only for grammar stuff and layout. I keep my fingers off the comment section and give you all a LIKE, if only for the reason you commented on my bloggy at all. Be sick all you want, Maiti, I’m not gonna change my liberal editing style. Because I believe not in censoring stuff you don’t like, but in showing your weakness and let all your “enemies” in you’re proving your strength. Are we democrats or what? Well, I for my part, I don’t fuk around with democracy, I don’t compromise and I don’t let others fuk around with it neither. You may censor and delete and moderate and kick ppl off your blog/forum all you want, ain’t gonna happen on Thar She Blows!

      “like her french asshole hero did. That was the behavior that did her sailing forum in,”
      No, it wasn’t. Far as I know the old forum is still very active and functional until the rent runs out. We’ll see who takes over from there. So Bèa’s behaviour is/was never in any way of any consequence for the forum. Action and Reaction, Cause and Effect, Преступление и наказание, Crime and Punishment, Maiti. Don’t confuse the oldest pysical and political law for something it isn’t.

      “let the professionals on the ground there write the truth”
      That would be the Syrian and Russian armies, Maiti. Plus some Turkish and Kurdish contingencies of which nobody knows what their order of the day is. USA flies bomber attacks and keeps their hands clean. Their immediate orders aren’t clear neither. Destabilization, sowing chaos, yes, that’s the overarching goal. In the long run it’s about nurturing the Kurds until they become the next terrorists, befriending Al Nusra and Al Qaida (“moderate terrorists” my ass) until they become the next ISIS. Oh yes, ISIS seems to be out of the USA’s crosshairs for now since Syrians and Russians got them occupied. Oh, and let’s not forget ISIS are our friends now since they are enemies of Syria. 😦
      Right now your beloved USA is the most wishy washy, undecided and insecure ally. Saying this, acting that, today your friend, tomorrow your enemy, always depends on the internal power structures in Washington.

      “stop putting a political spin on stuff that under no decency can be defended.”
      That’s why I stopped taking any American “news” outlets serious any more. They are all spinning like fukn tops. Yes, American (+ their NATO minions) actions towards Russia, Syria, China “under no decency can be defended.” Particularly Germany should be careful! Amassing troops on the Russian border, ain’t the first time they tried to pull that stunt. And it never ended successful for them, did it?


  4. OMG orcs do you REALLY believe his conspiracy theory?? i had you down as a quite bright chic so i’m sure you wrote the attack wasn’t real as a joke because that’s exactly what it was

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  5. What conspiracy theory, Sammie?
    There are so many out right now, I wouldn’t know which one to debunk first. As I said, everything coming from America is most probably nothing but propaganda lies. The only problem with the US right now is, fortunately for the rest of the world they are so engaged into infights their stories and their agenda changes daily and they don’t really have a plan of action to follow. America is like a gang of thugs whithout a leader right now. Good for humanity, hehe.

    “Quite bright chic”??? I’m only chic when we go out for dinner (because I’ll wear my best fake Crocs then) and maybe when we are in Germany, but usually I’m an unsightly hippie slob. We’re in sweaty sandy salty touristy hippie central here, ffs.

    Oh, you meant chick? Mhm, me’s as bright as poultry can get!


  6. he won’t let the examiners in russia blocked it as well good going syria/ russia sheesh i can’t believe you accept his tv broadcast as fact I still do t believe it so DEvils advocate i’m thinking hihih

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    • What TV broadcast, Sam? You know we neither own nor watch TV since dunno how many years. We get all our info off da innerwebz. So we’re getting info from all sources, and the Russian/Syrian side is more believable in all aspects. So I don’t accept anything as fact; not from team Trump.
      C’mon, we all know the West’s long term plan with the near and middle east and what they wanna do with Russia. So everything falls in place when you just stop believing every little piece of propaganda. Sam, we’re all in way above our cute little heads. At least I’m at the far end of the world in case shit hits fan. 🙂 And I can say “I told you so!” and don’t even need to ask for political asylum in Saffa since we’re already enjoying permanent residence.
      But really now: Russians are the most peaceful and chilled nation on earth, and never showed great interest in what other countries are doing. But just watch what happens if you provoke them too much!


  7. Orca You really are completely out of it or completely brainwashed if you can actually be convinced the Russians are peaceful people on earth, or had nothing to do with the gas attacks on Syrian innocents . Faked gas attack footage because of no gloves? How about no gloves because shipments of even the very most basic of medical supplies denied hospitals, which BTW are a favorite of Russian bombers? The lack of gloves not seen thru desperation of saving human lives, One thing I hope you never are forced to watch, although it might do you some good watching people dying all around you from a purposeful gas attack or something as simple as denial of food because of religion as i have seen and experienced, A couple of days of watching innocence dying all around you at such a rate they don’t know what to do with the bodies, Maybe that’s exactly what you need before you write such mindless drivel.

    There are times i admit you are a friend, this is certainly one of them.

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    • Even if it’s true and the footage isn’t fake, let’s not forget which nation bombs the most hospitals, in Syria and elsewhere. I have not enough insight into the Syria details but all the few little facts I have (like real facts, not Maiti-facts) are pointing towards the USA. You can’t deny the USA’s declared goal of sowing chaos and death in the region, you can’t deny the USA’s responsibility in first creating ISIS, you can’t deny they are changing friends and foes more often than you and I change our panties. Sorry to say, the Moscow snakepit seems like a cozy place compared to Washington’s. I wouldn’t wanna be in neither but if push comes to shove …

      About Russians: So far I’ve only seen them in war action once forced to engage. Vietnam, Afghanistan were political necessities too complicated to explain for someone from the other side.

      The second half of your diatribe was as unnecessary as evil and just dumb. I’m fighting for peace all my life, quite contrary to your brutal fantasy I couldn’t even hit anyone lightly.


      • ok lets not forget which nation bombs hospitals, Its Russia! Even a russian drone was spotted above the latest hospital bombing. As for the second part I accomplished exactly what I wanted to, you have this really big mouth about death and who should do it and who shouldn’t. stand in the middle of dead and dying people dying of starvation just because of some made up religion like i have , then you can preach to me. Otherwise shut your piehole.


        • Maiti, the Syrain and Russian air forces bombed hospitals in east Aleppo. That area is in ISIS hands, and they used the “hospitals” as ammunition storage, barracks and artillery bases. They didn’t bomb in west Aleppo, where the innocent population lives. And they only bombed after careful scouting and using intelligence from ground operatives.
          As proven time and again US Airforce doesn’t make such fine distinctions when they throw their bombs.

          Oh, another fun fact: The oh so evil despot Assad’s gov’ment keeps on paying all the wages even in contested battle areas. So at least you’ll get your paycheck while some crazy terrorists are hacking your noggin off.

          The second part of your comment, yes, it bored me and seemed completely insignificant. You never gave the impression of being a sensitive, empathic person. Your comments usually reek of bloodthirst and recklessness. Yes, you seem to love threatening people when they aren’t sympathetic with your neo-fascist mindset. Anyhoo, Trump’s last airstike has killed much more innocent Syrians than the whole war. Care to comment about that, huh?

          And maybe you’d like to apologize for false claims and lies regarding the concentration camps? Wanna hear another factoid about WW2? The US was the least involved and had the least victims. 500,000 is a lot, and I’m sad for every single one, but compared to Russia’s 23 million it’s but a drop on the hot stone. Talking about Russia, many Amerian troops in the European theater died a senseless death. Invasion in the Normandy was not even really useful in the war against Hitler. The soviets alone could’ve won the war … and that was the real reason for the invasion. Stop the soviets in Berlin. Western allies had the soviet union already made out as the next enemy after Hitler would’ve been gone. There is just too much profit to be made in war, so they had to create a new one … a non-shooting war. So we can say with some certainty that the invasion in the normandy was in fact the first hostile act in what was to become the “cold war”.

          Now … prove me wrong if you can.


  8. The Americans were the first in the camps and feeding the people, the Russians didn’t even want the Jews to live, let alone be in their country, its still evident today.
    Americans are on the ground in Syria today Orca, thousands, and fighting ISIS, not Assad’s people who want that war criminal out of their country.

    Finally there is no censoring of anything anyone has said on VWS, – prove it. The only thing that had happened is 3 people have been removed from the forum, you being one of them, after multiple warnings), which like ALL the other forums you have been removed from, you wear like a badge of honor. Start telling the truth Orca, and stop with the BS. That’s what pisses you off with me, I tell the truth. I don’t BS. my facts hold up under the truth and real scrutiny, not made up “facts” and story telling.

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    • Ouch! History lesson for you, cupcake: All concentration camps in the east, which was the majority, were freed by the soviets. Among them all extermination camps incl. the infamous Auschwitz. Bergen-Belsen was freed by the Brits. And I guess some smaller camps in Germany’s north. American troops didn’t fight eastwards of Berlin. As so often the soviets bore the brunt of the war against Hitler.
      When telling a German who was responsible for saving her family, make sure you get your facts right, honeybunny. In our case it was the brits; neither my gramps nor my dad have ever seen a Russian or American soldier.

      Maiti! Just like back in the forum, you seem to confuse your opinion and wishful thinking with facts. I can’t remember having received 3 warnings in VWS forum. Far as I know I found out it’s not for me so I quit. Don’t even know if I ever posted a single line in the three days I was on that forum. So where should the warnings come from, eh? And even if, who says you’re automatically right just because you issue a warning on someone? Makes no logical sense. And is most probably worth making a stand against.


  9. Hun it’s all fact, the Americans freeing the concentration camps could be a product of American propaganda so I’m. Of gonna fight you on that one you could certainly be right. As for VWS I’m wrong you were thrown out twice, you apparently had enough to say to earn it honestly don’t fell it’s worth going back and digging up dead bodies especially when it appeared you martyring yourself was your intention.

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    • Hi A 🙂
      “could be a product of American propaganda”
      Could? Jeeze, I’m born and bred German, I should know what troops were where. Americans amassed in the south, brits in the north, soviets grabbed the east, frenchies … dunnowhere. Oh yes, they took Alsace back or sumfink. LOL About who freed which concentration camps, no propaganda is needed. There are still some survivors alive who know better than Maiti. And also we have that thing, Wikpedia or so. It tells us exactly what happened.

      “you martyring yourself was your intention.”
      In the end, yes. /me grabs for her crown of thorns.


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