No Reason to Give Up

This might be of some interest for Orcablog readers who are located stateside and swim in pools of money:


As I’ve writered and proven repeatedly there is no reason to spend money on preinstalled Linux machinery. None at all. On the other hand there’s also no reason not to purchase readymade Linux computers as most of them are computers from the better side of the hardware spectrum, very well built and featuring nice specs. In other words: You won’t get cheapo shit. And your readymade machine will work guaranteed. Yes, even the wifi-modules will let you connect to the interwebz without giving you any hassle.

And among the small handful of manufacturers who provide Linux machines System 76 is one of the most established ones. Of course their business success is based on the Linux hype but the machines aren’t hype at all but pretty good computers. A bit on the pricey side but still very good. My favourite would still be the Dell XPS 13 but System76 laptops are a close second.

Yum! This one could get me off my XPS dream.

Oh, and coming back to the OMG! Ubuntu! article, yes, you’re right. We don’t like Ubuntu and don’t want no part of it on our machines. Buuuut … Ubuntu makes actually a quite ok-ish  starter system. It doesn’t hurt finding it ready to rock out of the box on your new hardware purchase. And after a couple weeks of experience, once you know your way around all the intricancies of the Linux environment, you’ll be more than ready to download and install something better *cough* Linux Mint Debian Edition or Manjaro *cough cough* and step up your game. Your System76 hardware, however, will support your every adventure.


  1. […] See, on the It’s F.O.S.S. site also features Canonical/Ubuntu/Unity/Shuttleworth as the most prominent news. Let’s check quickly what else we got: Things to do after installing Ubu 17.04. Nobody in their right mind does that anyway. Univention? WTF is a Windows Domain Controller? Does it help us in Second Life? No? Aha, forget about it then. Tizen? Really? Tizen? That thing that caused some ripples in the Linux on smartphones community like 1,000 years ago and then was never heard of again? So how and why are we interested in Samsungs’s business struggles. The market consists of iPhone and Android phones … and Samsung is a heavyweight in the Android world … and we couldn’t care less. Canonical tried it and failed, Microsoft tried it and failed, now Samsung’s trying it since 10 years or so and they’re gonna fail. We’re desktop computer users, aren’t we? So why should we even care? Python environments in Linux and Unix? Interesting for code geeks, not for Linuxy housewifes, so pfff. Now the last story is intertesting System 76’s new Galago Pro should be the best or at least 2nd best laptop (after the Dell XPS13) for mobile users who don’t wanna game. Of course since it’s a System76 it’s coming with preinstalled Ubuntu out of the box. While it’ll run your Windows flawlessly at least we know it’s completely Linux compatible. But Orcablog already reported about that nifty machine. […]


  2. […] System 76, as we all know is a US-based assembler of Linux hardware. They are kinda famous. And lately, since their standard pre-installed Ubuntu isn’t all that good and groovy anymore, they made their own version. And many users, System 76 customers and others, too, have tried Pop out and liked it better than the standard Ubu. […]


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