Sexual Harrassment

… in Teletubbyland …

TV/ Teletubbies
… done wrong …
TV/ Teletubbies
… and done correctly …
TV/ Teletubbies
Meet Daa-Daa, Umpie-Pumpie, Ba and Ping

… has led to a whole new generation of fully animated CG Teletubby babies! As if the proud parents could’ve been any more childish to begin with. 😮 But after 13 years of Teletubby abstinence the real life first gen of Tubby fans are now parents themselves and need some distraction for their ADHD kiddos.


Welcome to the world of failed early childhood education and psycedelic drug abuse! 🙂

TV/ Teletubbies
Thar She Blows!, the blog specialising in the absurd, features every shit for you!

Good old BBC, when it’s about drug abuse, sexual innuendo and celebrating stupid you can count on them! They’re really a broadcaster of the people. 😉


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