\o/ YAY! \o/ Really?



Good news. Yes, I know. And I hate Windows as much as the next guy. But …

But, yes, no, see to whom Windows has lost its front-runner rank.


And there are quite a few things to say about Android. While it’s obvious and quite logical that Windows computers would eventually be outnumbered by a smartphone OS (sign of the times I guess) and Android is the heckofalot nicer and preferable alternative to Apple’s iPhone OS, it’s still a commercial product. It’s based on Linux, yes, but doesn’t follow the GNU philosophy and licensing system. In other words: Android is closed source, a walled garden a la Apple, and as such far from desirable.

If you know about my meh-feelings about smartphones you should know as well that this supposedly exciting newness leaves me kinda cold and uninterested. I’m a desktop user. Means real computers, desk- and laptops, with real keyboards and mice/trackpads attached to them. Very oldfashioned but still the preferable computing method if you wanna do a bit more than just checking your facebook status. If you wanna log into SL or blog a bit or edit your latest photos/videos you need more than a fukn smartphone.

In so far I’d prefer to see Windows as the numero uno over Android. Because people using Windows are people using computers. And thats important!

Oh, and don’t fall for the tech writers’ excitedness. Articles like these are not really newsworthy but more a sign of boredom on his part and a lack of noteworthy material to write about. Plus let’s not forget that American journos are very easy and not very critical thinkers. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols probably even feels a bít risky, writing in favour of Google’s Android product over Microsoft’s top dog. Yes, it is silly. So you know what to think about articles like that.



  1. phone OS rankings:
    Apple by an overwhelming majority and it fully deserves it.
    Android Who knew some half baked bullshit project started by goggle would ever evolve the way it has.
    Winwhat? gone in less then 2 years.

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    • According to the news article it’s Android, not iOS what’s on top. And I guess Samsung alone sells a multiple times bigger amount of phones than Apple could ever do.
      But fully agree on Winblows. That shit has had its time in the sun but in the long run it’s just too sensitive and amateurish and … and this is the worst, it’s too demanding, maintenance intense and diva-esque … and no fun. So from my humble POV I don’t care if Windblows goes in 2 years or earlier or a tad later. It’s gone from mine and hubby’s lifes for good, we’re settled in Linux and the rest of the planet will have to follow us to the light side sooner rather than later. Or they all will have to compute on silly cellphones. The first time in human development we’re not shaping our tools but let our tools shape us. 😮 In 10 years time, the ability to produce large amounts of text files by using a keyboard will be a thought after special skill and … secretaries will be our heroes. 😮
      And development will start over again: Ppl will want bigger, more comfy keyboards for their phones, and bigger screens with finer solution. And the phones will be tablet sized … and then they will be accesoirized, just like what happens to tablets nowadays. And sooner or later we’ll see the advent of something that looks and feels like bad laptops and then … on and on and on …

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  2. as you know i’m an apple girl Miata sprouts shit about OSbeing the most popular Ndroid has outsold OS for years obvious really OS is for apple in any of its forms be it iphone ipad or PC or ipod etc
    android is for am
    lo still all other mobile phones MS phones never had a huge appeal
    Miata stop quoting bollocks when you have no idea
    shame on you BUT then you have no problem about lying even about cancer and that’s soooo sad


    • Sammie? You know I love you and your hardly decipherable comments, girly, but the thing about Maiti lying about her cancer, is … whoa! It’s not decent to just state unproven, unchecked stuff. This was the first comment I won’t give a LIKE to in a looong time, Sammie. 😦


      Are you even aware what you just said about wanting to see the proof? What it’d mean for Maiti to come up with the proof? You know what the ultimate proof is??? 😮 Jeez woman, where’s your empathy for fellow human beings??? 😦


    • Sympathy? No, I wouldn’t go that far if I were you … but she could at least expect you showing some empathy towards her. We’re not wolves, are we?


  3. Of course she won’t silly YET she came out public with her terrible afflictions and then silence Go figure just WHO with a sane mind would broadcast that OH wait I said sane mind …..case closed hahahaha

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    • Guess what Sammie, immediately after the shocking news Maiti spent loooong weeks in hospital. She was very week, which s understandable when on chemo. I guess you won’t feel much like posting neither. Surviving alone is task that can keep a girl pretty occupied.
      About the broadcasting I’ve gotta sayyou or me, we probably wouldn’t. We’ve got friends and family to care about and comfort us. But I think Maiti is pretty lonesome, silly SL avies are all the friends she still got. In her situation I’d go public as well.


  4. we wil, have to agree to disagree some accept things as facts some doubt them if they sound wrong chemo or radio?? once she said one once the other anyway closed subject to me You are free to believe anything you like xx

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    • “some accept things as facts some doubt them if they sound wrong”
      Riddle me this: Why would anyone make up a deadly illness, Sam? Makes no sense, does it? I know a girl once faked her own death in SL, but it was so she didn’t have to pay her overdue rent to us. Fortunately one of her “friends” snitched on her and my boss sicced his lawyer on her. So she (thought she) had a reason. But Maiti? Come on. That woman bleeds dollarnotes so no reason to fake anything.

      “chemo or radio?? once she said one once the other”
      Oh, I said chemo, dunno what Maiti said. I’m much too forgetful about stuff.

      “You are free to believe anything you like xx”
      Oh thx darling. xoxoxooxxxo … jeez


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