“Dependable Computer”

LOL, just coming from the comment section of this here blogstory where Maiti, friendly and helpful as she is, offers me some help in regards of changing my bloghost from WordPress’ own servers to some other hosting company. My problem is that I have to pay WordPress like 90 dollars/year to host the photos of this blog and I find that kinda expensive. Especially since I just received a warning that I’m running out of space again. 😮

Says Maiti:

if you had reliable enough service and a perhaps bit more dependable computer that could act as a server, you could host a word press site from your kitchen table.

Well, in case of the service she’s partly right since Afrihost as ISP delivers a real rollercoaster experience but as hosting service I hear only the best about them. So finding a new home for Thar She Blows ain’t a problem anyway, if I wanna go that route. Her second idea, the self-hosting sounds more interesting and I can even blow her concerns about the reliability of my hardware outta the water.


This here is my “production system” MiniMax, my self-built computer which I keep always on the very edge of technology. Which means the latest Linux kernel and the most actual “unstable” repositories of the risky Arch Linux distribution. And that thing runs stable since more than a year now. Just rolling from update to update, that’s how we roll. I didn’t even reinstall the system after it came back from the lesbian repair shop.

And if it’s rugged stable hardware Maiti’s looking for, lemme show you MiniMe, my little Lenovo wondermachine:



It’s not a giant tower or a racksize server but a very professional little PC. Not a gaming, photo/video editing powerhouse but ultra reliable and just right for server duties. Throw a ultra stable Debian Linux on it and live free of all worries. Particularly if the only site it hosts would be Thar She Blows.

I’m only concerned about lag for you and me and what happens when we’re on safari in Germany and here at home we have a power cut or sumfink. Not good. :/



  1. the lag is no problem, you should experiance the same as from a rental rack server. the power problems, well that’s a very good and large concern, however if you have someone trustworthy to enter your home and can turn a computer off and on problem can be solved, there is also a remote way of doing it, i wont even get into that subject at this point.

    You seem to be a very hands on person, you like a bit of a challenge, and you do know Linux rather well for sure.
    Have a look at this:

    Its one of the best do it yourself set of instructions I have seen for Linux, and although seeming long, actually if you dedicate an afternoon and have all the prerequisite software and other items already at your disposal, can be done in an afternoon.
    Don’t take one look at it and go pffft. Be the determined bish you can be, and go for it.

    If you run into trouble, ask, just make sure I’m still alive to answer.

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    • Hey, I didn’t join the Linux revolution in order to make my life more complicated but to make that pesky computer stuff more easy and comfy for ungeeky me. Yes, I can be a hands-on person … when it’s about cleaning the carburetor of my moped. But not when it’s about reading many lines of computer code and instructions.


    • “managed wordpress plan”
      Exactly that’s what I’m going for. Will try to find out if my ISP has one on offer, else I shall go with Godaddy. Even if the name of that company sounds creepy af. But who am I to complain when my future car puts me straight into the creepy corner category as well. I guess I’m gonna spray FREE CANDY! on the body and then park directly in front of the mall entrance but not leaving the car. LOL


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