I Tried to Take a Hot Bath

Yes, tried but was only partly successful. Haven’t worked through the complete list of SL onsens yet but I guess we’re running pretty thin on suitable onsens. Check out what Orca experienced this time:

My first stop was at SaKuRa, a Japanese whorehouse of the better sort I guess.

We Dance,Strip,and…..❤
Have Enjoy~ SaKuRa Girls☺
AsianGirls,JapaneseGirls,CuteGirls,Elegant,Dance,Strip,Naked,Escort,sex,Onsen,Hotspring,Massage,bdsm,Cuddles,FootFetish,Peeping Room, 3 some

I filed through the whole setup, club and separées but the mentioned onsen and hot spring couldn’t be found.

Pff. 😦

So, off I went to J’s Free Sex – ORGY Beach Sex Hotel Onsen Japan Shop Mall Dance in Sexy Bay sim with the vague hope I might find a real onsen there …

Ok, not very traditional but kinda ugly. At least they let you soak there in peace and quiet. 😉
Instructions,, pfff, who needs theose?
In fact one could kinda enjoy the stay in the Sex Hotel onsen.
It’s in fact nicer than in some of the “real” Japanese onsens. But then … hm, let’s say it’s not made for total relaxation and cleansing of the avatar and they totally fuk up the traditional appearance.

But then, when I logged on just a couple minutes ago I received IM by one of the SaKuRa admins, that the onsen is underground. Oh my, I was too blind to find it yesterday. Ok, next try …

\o/ Yay! \o/

SaKuRa is indeed a top notch whorehouse! The onsen experience might not be on par with some of the more serious Japanese folklore sims and doesn’t even come close to a true onsen experience but quite contrary to most other onsens it won me over with lots of nice anims.

Anyway, let’s hope I will find some more anthropologically valuable onsens when I go on recon the next time.

You don’t float in the onsen! In fact your hair isn’t even supposed to touch the water. But let’s not forget where I was today, so we let it slip.


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