1. “Guns don’t kill people. Idiots kill people … and sometimes themselves”.

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, and it’s something i have been saying for years.

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    • WP seems to act up lately. There are some little stupid things happening, “bugs” from my POV, probably “features” in WP’s view. I wonder if they are trying to fuk things up for a sell-out to Google?


    • Wow, so you’re using WP on your own server? What a complicated mess! Or not? I have no clue, always thought a blog or forum or whatever service comes on their own servers and we just pay for it and everything will be ok. Never really cared to know about the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org. Maybe I should look into that? Particularly now, since they are stressing me about my storage for photos is running out.


  2. WordPress Is a platform a software sort of like html, its a theme and a whole bunch of subroutines and programs, just like things like Linux or word or anything like that. It can be put anywhere, if you had reliable enough service and a perhaps bit more dependable computer that could act as a server, you could host a word press site from your kitchen table.
    The VWS forum I have hosted with the company who created the form’s software, simply because its instantly scalable (meaning if all of a sudden 10k people wanted to look at it at one time ( yeah sure!) it would automatically be able to handle the traffic and the service would be uninterrupted. It also does automatic updates of the software, so another headache i don’t have to worry about, occasional troubleshooting although i am rather good with coding and add and fix most things. My personal blog maitiyenni.com is hosted on my personal server but utilizes word press as the platform, but i could have used any number of others, zoomla, jimbo, squarespace or many others you name it.
    Wordpress ,org sells hosting and tries to up sell items that are not part of the limited version of word press they offer, that’s their model of business. My version of word press has everything and what it doesn’t i can instantly add, some are free, some are at a cost, depends on the developer.
    Your blog seems to be doing just fine, in fact quite well. but if you want to do more with it, look at some thing like this:


    It can migrate your present site for you at no charge, host it with scalable seamless ease and automatically updates word press to give you access to the latest items you may want to add, and also any security concerns.
    not horribly expensive, but not free like the crippled version you are using and you have complete non censored control over it.

    Finely, yes i do own (rent a dedicated server in Arizona) and own over 100 sites, which I rent to businesses and in most cases developed and wrote myself. I’m slowly selling that business as well since I am sick, and don’t have a long time to go. But all this speculation of my skills, I’m very good with many computer languages and such, have NEVER hacked anyone’s site, or caused damage to anyone, no I really haven’t, If i had, i could have wiped several,( i think we can think of) off the map in a matter of min.

    If you wish to learn more and possibly make changes in your sites capibility or hosting and such I would be glad to assist you, all you need to do is send me an email and ask.
    I will be glad to assist you in making this blog safer fr both you and your users and allow you to do more with it.

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    • Maiti, I’m well aware of Godaddy and other services but I’m not only absolutely blasé about safety concerns (other than safety from any gov’ment) and, more importantly, I’m stingy af when it comes to internet stuff. So I’m already paying something like 90 US$ a year for photo storage on my WP blog, and I guess that’s expensive enough. Particularly considering that I get unlimited space for photos over at Google. But Google is so meh.
      Our recent ISP is called Afrihost, they have their core business already in the name, so they’d love to host my shit for not much money. 🙂 And apparently they are great at hosting. But I’d like to avoid that, as I’d like to avoid all costs. Particularly hubby loves to save some coin here and there. He’s such a internet consumer, reads countless blogs and sites every day but never spends a single thought about the poor people who pay for all the sites.
      Technically it’s no problem putting one of my desktops on hosting duty, my older Lenovo rig is very professionally reliable and with a rugged Debian on it that thing should run foreverevereverever… so, please tell me more about self-hosting my humble little site.

      Looksie here: https://www.afrihost.com/#

      Hosting starts at 290 ZAR/mth wich is nothing. But that’s in the cloud. And we wanna avoid that shit, don’t we? I can’t go in the cloud and keep a straight face. If I rent storage I expect it to be saved and run on my host’s own physical hardware not sprinkled all over the cloud like fairy dust.


      • Oh, and this here:
        “you have complete non censored control over it.”
        I hope I got that anyway. SAfrican ISPs don’t tend to fuk with whatever we do on the web. Or were you talking about WordPress? Yikes. But why would they censor me for sometimes showing my pixelcartoonish [insert sound of klaxxon here]? And that’s only in the service of anthropological education, when I’m doing reasearch of Japanese bath houses on SL.


  3. Well using Godaddy as a reference, and I’m not married to them by any means Orca, you could get their cheapest managed word press managed package, never worry about it going down for days again, never have to update the wordpress software, have greater hacker security, 5 times the storage space and pay half per year than you presently are. For the same amount as what you are currently paying, you would have all that but 10 times the storage space you currently have. Mind you you never ever have to wait days, if there is a problem, (extremely rare) you are waiting min for it to be fixed not days and weeks. That crap don’t play here. finally you can move all your content and url to one of these plans in a day with you doing nothing, they do it all and its hosted on SSD liniux driven servers. You do the math.

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  4. If you really are interested on hosting it from your home, you have extreme internet outages and power outages all the time , not a good thing for a website. also as proud as you are of your computers, they aren’t servers, were never meant to be, and wouldn’t hold up under the stress of 5 simultaneous visitors, which commonly happens when the googlebot and yahoo search spiders come and graze on your site for new content. i have seen many times when over 10 googlebots are on the forum at one time. it happens a lot.

    If after all this you want me to teach you , I will as long as i stay alive, first thing to do is get a static IP from your internet provider. Thats a must because down the line computers need to know where to send traffic when someone types in your url and if you dont have a static ip, they change when the power is out for awhile and for other reasons.

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    • Hm, not saying we have extreme power outages all the time, but moderate and scheduled “load shedding” once or twice a year. That depends on the political situation. I know it’s bad enough, particularly when taking into account we’re living kinda 30 clicks from a nuclear power plant. So we could have all the power we’d ever need but when the coalstack in one of the more oldfashioned power plants somewhere in KwaZulu Natal gets wet because of African planning and underfunding, we got to send our power over there. Because that is where all the politicians live. And god beware their 4 -5 wifes can’t brew the tea anymore. 😮 Gotta respect their adorable lifestylez!

      And internet is meandering in speed like a beach but never goes fully out anymore. It’s again nothing technical but African “planning”. After years of becoming more cheaper (at one point we had 16 hours daily free service at full line speed) now they told us if we wanna stay unshaped we’ve gotta pay like twice the price. Fukn beaches. 😦

      Well, anyway, I guess it’s not the best circumstances to try out self-hosting, right? So I’ll look into a commercial solution with Godaddy and the likes. Thx for the Golden Protip, Maiti.


  5. I’d do both Orca, get the hosting plan and solidify you work here so its solid as a rock and play with its on the side at home, perhaps you could get bea to give up some of that incredibly valuable info and offer it with the second home made site

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    • “solidify you work here so its solid as a rock and play with its on the side at home”
      I don’t understand. What must I solidify? Maiti, I’m keeping a blog, a little thing I write my daily stupid ideas into, no biggie. I wouldn’t know what to solidify about that. And blog activity will go a bit down very soon since we’ve got a lot of work to do on the new van.
      I don’t get that Béa and incredible value info thing neither. I guess the old forum once was a treasure chest of the combined wisdom of hundreds of SL sailors. So what? And what’s that gotta do with my fukn bloggy? I don’t sail anymore, in case you haven’t noticed. The short time I’m online is too valuable for me to spend it with getting my boat rezzed and made ready for cruises/races. I’d much rather just go to an onsen and soak in hot spring water.


  6. Well what I’m suggesting is indeed getting a managed word press plan. Get all your blog over there safe , secure and cant be screwed with in anyway, have full knowledge in what it can do for you, store for you, and do for you. THEN start slowly collecting all the components to build a mini me server or what ever you an want to call the project, and do with it like I don’t know… perhaps a plex server for instance…. and learn how to create a kitchen table server for future plans or projects. believe it or no people CAN have their cake and eat it too.

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    • Ugh. That sounds like a lot of meticulous labour. And for what exactly? See, I’m not any better than all those Windows dummies, I don’t see the expenditure/benefit ratio in all that. Once I’m running out of storage I will probably pay a bit more or go with a hoster. But all the other stuff? My blog is secure as long as evil people don’t have access to it. That’s why I kicked Petra from her co-blogger role. Dunno why anybody should be interested in fucking with the blog anyway.
      Regarding all the stuff my blog can do for me … I’m kinda very happy with what I can do right now. About future plans and projects I’ll think once the necessity arrives.
      Next project will be getting finally the fiber cable rolled out in our complex and then building our mobile office in the camper. Looking forward to that. No clue how all that wireless internet works. Will obviously need some huge antenna or something. Or use the cellphone to connect or what?


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