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RIP Unity. You were no fun.

After a much too long time finally reason reigns at Canonical Inc., Ubuntu’s headquarters in London, UK. The most hated desktop environment that nobody uses and ain’t part of any other distro than vanilla Ubuntu itself, will not be developed any further. Cool.



But why o why, why are they substituting the abnormal Unity desktop with the grotesquely misdeveloped Gnome 3.xx? That thing really needed to reach development stage 3 to become halfways usable by human beings. And that despite the fact that it once was a very nice and generally beloved system. Everybody who’s using the humble but so practical Gnome2 fork MATE nowadays can tell you it is what Gnome 3 should have become.

Yes, we know Mark Shuttleworth is a business man first and foremost and so he’s kinda forced to invest in all the modern stuff and latest developments in business applications, like feely-touchy screens and smartphone-like user interfaces and in so far his choice of the ultra modern, ultra poor Gnome 3 is understandable … but!

But, come on, any of you girls and boys doing big business? You running the infrastucture of huge offices and databases, datacenters and shit? No, eh? We’re playing in Second Life, we’re reading Orcablog, we’re stealing movies, we’re sending I love you! emails to Orca, we’re writing stuff in office suites. All the typical computer stuff. And for that we need nice and nifty and scalable and modable and customizable desktops. Desktops we can furnish to our personal needs and whims. We surely don’t need an abomination like Gnome3 on our computers.

Anyhoo, at least that confusing mess Unity is gone now. My condolences to all you Ubuntu users out there, all you guys who got used to the weird layout, maybe even like it … but it’s the end of the road for y’all. May I suggest a switch to Ubuntu MATE? Or something different? Like, let’s say Mint MATE, LMDE MATE, PointLinux MATE, Sparky Linux MATE, Solus MATE or maybe even Manjaro MATE (highly recommended).


  1. I would use a Linux Distro if it could accomplish 3 things..1) all my steam games that I have hundreds maybe thousands of dollars invested in could play 2) A MODERN version of skype, not some GUI that looks like it was made with visual basic, has no desktop sharing etc and more importantly 3) Who the hell uses Linden Labs viewer?? UHG hell no..so no Firestorm? Sorry Linux, I tried and had no choice but to return to evil microsuck.

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    • Hi Jacqueline, are you by any chance also the Jackie from last week or so? If yes, then I have the same reply for you as back then:
      1) No, sorry, Steam’s library is only 1/3 Linux games … but still more than all three console manufacturers have combined. I guess that’s quite cool.
      2) I don’t know exactly the GUI of Skype, never used it, but I’ve heard there are alternatives available with pretty modern GUIs. I just made a brief check in the AUR and it showed me 20 or more results concerning Skype.
      3) Nobody uses the fukn LL viewer but most TPVs have Linux versions. And when you chose an Arch distro, you’ll find Singularity and Firestorm even in the AUR, so the whole download and install becomes a single click affair.

      I hope that helps. xoxoxxo


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