A Hero of Our Time


If I ever wanted to be a man, it would have to be that man!

Don’t forget to watch the video coming with that article. And then decide: Vandalism or public service? Imagine that: A single man lifting the general IQ of the whole town by 100%. Methinks Bristol is a happy place now with the vigilante watching over it.



  1. I’m with this guy. A sign on the gate of a cemetery near my abode says, “Please leave unattended cars locked.” Makes me grind my teeth. Maybe I can use black electrician tape to alter it to say, “Please lock unattended cars.” Dunno why this bothers me so, but it does. 🙂

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    • “Dunno why this bothers me so”
      Because you went to school at at least one time in your life, Luna? Ergo you developed a completely natural habit of reacting strongly to all the errors and mistakes. I didn’t stumble over that sentence at the graveyard sign but then I’m not a naturally born Anglicist. So there.


        • Oh, really all the useless words? Aaaaaw 😦
          As a bloggerista I sometimes, just for fun and to make my poor texts appear bigger and longer and importanterer, add a lot of kinda completely useless filler words. Just so people can’t ask why I don’t just make photo albums instead of a blog. Useless things, like, errr, words n stuff are not so totally abhorrently useless to me. 🙂


    • No, Sammie, no! What would be fab would be you getting rid of that shitty iPad and get a real computer. You know, one with a real keyboard. And even fabber (more fabberer?) would be you taking a couple seconds to proofread your texts before sending them out into the world, where everybody can see them and think you’re maybe a dyslexic person.

      This text, for example, was proofread three times and corrected twice. Didn’t even take me a minute to do so.


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