Very Cool!

You know I got a kinda lifelong ban from LL forums a couple years ago but today, on a whim I decided to just have a peek into that old place of discussion with the biggest concentration of stupid people ever. And looksee what I’ve found there after not even browsing for two minutes:


Too funny.


Wait a minute … why can I even browse the forums? Was always kicked off as soon as I tried to connect. Hmm, have they forgotten about unruly little Orcsipoopsie? Should I dare and try to log on to the forum again?

Let’s see what happens …


… holding my breath …



Hm, seems somebody’s still holding a grudge against me. Against me! Imagine that. And I don’t even know why. Oh, I know I wasn’t always the most nicest girly but always straightforward and full of anti-capitalist antiganda but then all the warnings I received from so-called forum mods where just standard fare, formulated letters, no specifications about what and where I did anything wrong. All my questions regarding their unlogical behaviour went unanswered. And when I accused them of not being very professional and that their mods were nothing but bots – what I still believe to be true – somebody, obviously another bot, hit me with the big eternal banhammer. 😦

All they’ve achieved by doing so was creating a new martyr. 🙂 LOL Yeah, I’m fukn Jesus everybody!!! \o/ So, where’s my crown of thorns?

But anyway, that’s water under the bridge, doesn’t even have anything to do with me cancelling my land ownership. I’m a very forgiving person, you know. A real softee. LL otoh, obviously isn’t.



  1. hahahaha you upset some drama royalty that owns a forum thingy place and you get banned hahahha it happened to me as well remember?? do i care Nope not a jot I called beatrix the liar she was her only resort was to stop me telling the truth in her forum and i didn’t even voice an opinion just facts I have no idea if her forum is still running and neither do i care so let it go Orcs …. hugs

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    • Sammie, I’m not a forum mod, wouldn’t wanna suffer the pain those poor suckers must go thru every day. But as I remember quite clearly we all were waiting for some of your so-called truth you never were able to produce. In so far you’re not unlike Maiti. You two really should get a room or get married. =^.^=
      And yes, the WTWB forum is still going, at least it was when I looked last … like 2 weeks ago or so.

      Talking about me upsetting some drama, I’m still waiting for an explainification by the labbers and their from admins/mods about what I did so terribly wrong. And contrary to you I do care quite a bit, or I used to care, since the LL fori aren’t some hobby project like SL Sailing forums but the official message boards of a RL company I’m paying for their services.They fukn kicked out one of their paying clients!


  2. who,said you were a forum host owner admin whatever
    The truth spy bots for races was just one of MANY she denied and was found out and STILL denied it Then she deleted a LOT of posts about that others including me wrote so many times i can’t recount them all. what a short memory you have I don’t care enough to recap or write out the long list

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    • “who,said you were a forum host owner admin whatever”
      Nobody said that. I just said I wouldn’t wanna be one. End of story.

      “The truth spy bots for races was just one of MANY she denied and was found out and STILL denied it”
      But that’s wrong. Maybe your reading abilities are even worse than your writing, dunno. She never denied having used those, what was it, orbs? Only thing she denied, and rightfully so, was using their spy functionality. That was what everybody in the forum understood. Everybody! Including me. Everybody but Sammie. And no need to remind me since I remember those fruitless, and worse, unoriginal, posts back and forth quite well. Yes, you wrote so many times, too many times, and you didn’t stop. No, please don’t recap or type out the long list. There’s nothing to gain from that. You made quite specific accusations against Bea and you were rebutted, disproven, refuted, confuted, vitiated … proven wrong as many times as you posted. We all remember that.

      But once again, very slowly so you can write it down:
      Yes, Bea used those spy orbs.
      Yes, they were real spy orbs, as that is the core business of each and every orb throughout the grid. There must be millions of those things, and we all are permanently inside the perimeter of one or more of those creepers. They are usually in service as security devices, for example to kick unwanted ppl off the premises, or cordon off areas of your property. Bea didn’t even do that!
      All she used the orbs for, quite cleverly I must add, was as a kinda motion sensor, so the judges could determine if any contestants sailed across the mapped out lines and left the race area illegally. There is nothing to complain about. Once you’ve signed up for a certain race event you’re bound by its rules. Yes, even if your name is Don Doritos, or Samlara Vintner for that matter.
      Could Bea have told us beforehand that she was using orbs to check if all sailors stayed inside the race course area?
      Should she have done so?
      Hmm, not too sure.
      Some racers, like Don and so, would surely have found ways to wiggle around the rules if they knew the judges could find out where their boats were at the time of protest.

      It’s a simple thing Sammie, and definately no reason to start a forum war over it.


    • Oh shame. 😦
      And I was sooo hoping you could help me out, finally gaining some clarity.
      Seems I gotta die stupid and uneducated. 😦


  3. Oh Orcs of course she admitted it EVENTUALLY it was to public and obvious to be able to continually deny it so no i can read and understand it’s so much neater than reading bullshit, being taken in by it and then accepting it as the truth Orcs You are so much better than that

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    • Then riddle me this: What interest would Bea have in spying on us outside of where our boats are during a race? None! Right. And afaik shwe didn’t admit it eventually, the judges knew about the orbs/bots pretty much from the getgo. Only thing Bea denied were your accusations of her spying on us.


  4. Tell you what pop into her forum and actually read all the posts look for the obvious gaps that she deleted, you probably have better things to do I know i do xx

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