Hirado-shi Onsen

Ohayo, in my ongoing quest for the bestest onsen/sentó in Second Life, today I tried yet another roleplay sim:

Village of Hirado-shi 平戸市. A Japanese themed Sim. All are welcome to come explore and enjoy our wonderful village.

I dunno what kind of RP is going on here, I guess mostly nothing at all. When I went bathing in the Hirado-shi onsen I was the only avie on the whole sim. Still, all nice and considerate, I wore the Out Of Character tag that is offered to all visitors upon arival in the truly stylish and beautiful sim. I guess it’s supposed to be Japan in the edo period … but what do I know about Japan …

Anyhoo, after a not too long search I find the onsen and whoa! it’s the most picturesque onsen I’ve seen in SL so far. But see for yourself. If you follow me please …
Very nice and generous entrance area.
This truly is a luxury onsen. Look, they even have a miniature zen garden.
But before we do the splishsplash, first a hearty portion of yummy grilled shrimps, ok?
Easy peasy instructions … read and forget.
Boys = Blue, Girlies = Red. Right?
No towels for specific shape creators but size XS mostly fits my petite physique.
This is a traditional onsen, so before we soak in hot spring water we first gotta scrub our footsies.
Then finally we can join the rubaduko family in the tub.
“Gokuraku, gokuraku …”
For cooling off I take a little stroll around the premises. Hirado-shi onsen is truly beautiful in its natural environment.
They even have an outdoor onsen but it’s totally bereft of sit targets and any anims/poses. Shame, man. 😦
At least we can take a nice glass of sake pretty much everywhere.
Still, some relaxing anims at the side of the basin would be nice. Come on, sim admins, strive for perfection here.
Ooops, a blue curtain! Was I bathing in hostile territory? Doesn’t matter, I’m still the only avie in the sim.
The onsen’s outdoors area is a varied and perfectly landscaped as the whole sim. It’s really really nice.
Before I dress again and get ready to leave, I take a few moments to reflect on my bathing experience for the upcoming blogging duty.
Then I leave, deep in thoughts about the not too well done sim windlight and the prettyness of my photos … and completely unaware of my state of undressing. 😮

CONCLUSION: Hirado-shi has the nicest onsen I’ve seen so far in SL. Amakuni Yu Sentó might be closest to the RL experience but its mundane urban setting isn’t the most soothing or visually appealing. It’s clearly a modern day onsen. So all in all I guess Hirado-shi onsen is the nicest. But don’t expect too much in the sense of bathing fun, this onsen is purely made for it’s visual appearance. Still perfect for parking your avie for a lengthy period of time and just let her soak while you are doing the RL stuff. 🙂

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