Too Much?

You can never have enough of a good thing!

Or can you?

I don’t know.


In the case of Linux distros I guess one surely can have too much. There are just too many Linuxes out there that won’t fit your personal taste/need/fancy. And many many are just downright shitty, unusable, outdated, offensive crappola.

Let’s have a look at my own small collection of Linux distros I store right now on one of my external HDs: 31 ain’t too many, no? I mean compared to the amount of available distros, and considering how many ISO files I kicked off the drive already, this is a very small collection. There must have been 100s that touched my computers on one shape or form for a while until I freaked out and kicked them off!

But then I’m slowly reaching the status of an old salt in Linux. I’ve found my personal favourite distro and could stop messing about with all the other shit. So I could easily kick ’em all off now. I guess many of them aren’t up to date anymore anyway, so I’d need to download a new version before installing any of ’em.

Usually I’d only need Apricity/Cinnamon and Sparky Linux right now, for future blog purposes. Plus of course Manjaro/MATE and LMDE2 as personal backup/security systems. And that’s it.

But then the rest of them, they remind me of what hubby and I have used and tested already. All the different Manjaros, and all the KDE distros hubby tries from time to time are a good reminder of what NOT to do again. 😉 LOL.


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