Eureka Seven New Trilogy

Eureka Seven

I was never a huge fan of the Eureka Seven anime series. I have my reasons, many reasons actually. But let’s not forget E7 is a kinda oldschool anime and has all rights to be a bit naive and whiney. At least Studio Bones doesn’t try to make a live action adaptation of the source material – like the Americans failed so badly with Ghost in the Shell – but will give us three, hopefully gloriously, animated movies. But Bones never failed to amaze us thus far, so I have my hopes up.

Eureka don’t know if Eureka Seven was the first anime featuring mechas. If not they were at least among the pioneers. So after a bunch of more or less confusingly confused and depressingly depressive Evangelion movies, I guess E7 is more than welcomed by the anime community. The adolescent surferdude commune atmosphere, mixed up with plans to end the world and the alien girl Eureka made some charming TV entertainment … during its better moments. I guess if we’re not setting our expectations too high, we might be in for a treat. Come on, these are the guys who gave us Space Dandy! ’nuff said.

Space Dandy


Hmmm, a question I’m asking myself quite often lately is if I’m not slowly a tad too old for anime? Short answer: Yes. But if the stuff is creative, groundbreaking and intelligent I gotta say No. And, believe it or not: Some anime … whoa! And besides who’s gonna tell me what I can watch or not, eh? As a woman I’m not supposed to watch anime at all, I’m not allowed to show any interest in it. But then I’m not allowed to dabble with motorbikes, cars, computers and exotic operating systems neither. Or sailboats, come to think of it. Uaaargs, what a boring life the average middle aged woman must have. Brrr, shudder.

Once we get the Tranny (hopefully in a few days), guess who’s gonna build the very few furnitures into it? Hubby? Naw, he’ll be sitting big and fat in his wheelchair and cheer me on with clever and helpful commentary. See, another occasion for showing off some grrlpower. 🙂

BTW, that’s not me! I’m not THAT old! Jeez. 😮



I say: Once a hippie, always a hippie. Nothing wrong with that.


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