Ghost in the Shell is Out Since Three Days …

… and I haven’t watched it yet. 😮 I managed to watch Rogue One on its debut day, no problem. And I had enough time to make it to the cinema in order to watch GitS as well. But I didn’t. Whaaaaa?

What the fuk is wrong with me?

I know what you’re thinking … and you’re wrong. I don’t have high hopes for the H-wood live action adaptation of this Japanese anime classic, true. But that wouldn’t keep me from watching the spectacle. No matter if good or bad, no matter how dumbed down and stripped of any deeper meaning this flick is.


The real reason for why I passed the opportunity to watch GitS on the opening day is much more mundane and embarrassing than artistic embivalance. The real reason is that we still don’t have a car. The parking bay with our unit number on is still empty and we’re kinda grounded. 😦

A Ford Transit is supposed to occupy this parking space.

The workshop that acts as agent between the seller and us are still trying to get a hold of the seller, who himself asked a friend  to handle the deal since he himself is temporarily in Jo’burg were his father is busy dying of a brain tumor. Anyhoo, the pwperwork is not in order and he can’t find the most important stuff. Jeez. Bad luck all around. Although we’re still the most lucky party in this deal. But meanwhile the workshop guy goes very slow on getting “our” Transit van in roadworthy condition. It’s not really his job and he has enough “real” work at his hands right now. Meaning his garage is full with client’s cars, there’s probably not even enough space for our tranny.

Our soon to be little safari camper van ain’t ours yet. 😦

Anyway … no way for little Orcsi’s RL puppetplayer to get to the cinema and watch some movie. 😦

Be that as it may, can I link you to some of the better and more clever YouTube movie reviewers in the meantime? I watched so many reviews in the last couple days, you should trust in my little collection of quality reviews. Not even my friend Mark Kermode made the cut this time around, his review was more or less meh and not on par with his usually pretty spot on judgement. So today I give you links to three boys, Chris Stuckmann …

… Dan Murrell of Screen Junkies …

… Jeremy Jahns …

… and two girls, namely Alachia Queen …

… and the inimitable Grace Randolph’s second review, the one with spoilers.

Without wanting to sound like super feminazi-like-ish I’ve gotta state here that Alachia and Grace did far better reviewing jobs than their male counterparts. They both analyzed the movie, instead of just killing it with trashtalk like the guys. But look who’s talking and complaing about shooting from the hip and shit talking … Ooops. 😮

But no matter what and who critized the GitS movie, they all agreed on one point: GitS isn’t as bad as it could’ve been but far worse than it should’ve been. A wasted chance to create one of the greatest SciFi films, not only of 2017, but great SciFi period.

Let’s see what Orca’s got to say about GitS once she’s seen it.

… if the fukn camper ever gets ready. :/



  1. I watched a “let’s say a not brilliant copy” but it was great daft idea typical japanese roots but still a very entertaining movie even if it was in japanese with subtitles x SJ was awesome

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    • In Japanese with subtitles? OMG, what copy did you watch? And when? The GitS 2017 lice action adapation is an American production, it was of course filmed in English, with one exception: For whatever silly reason they told Takeshi Kitano to speak only Japanese throughout the moivie. Weird. I mean, he is Japanese but so are supposedly all of his team. Anyway, that movie hit the theaters just some days ago, on March 31, so you can’t have any Blu-Ray or anything just yet. Maybe a review screener but those are super rare. Hmmm, maybe whoever gave you the copy did the good oldfashioned pirate-y thing and filmed the whole movie from the theater screen which results in “not brilliant” copies. Not recommended and I wonder why people are still doing it. I rather wait a couple months and watch an official Blue-Ray rip in 1080 quality.
      But first I gotta get that fukn van so I can watch it in the theatre.


    • Since nearly 100% of manga/anime consumers are adolescent boys the producers fuk unfeasability and give them what’s known in the business as “fan service”. Believe it or not: Good old Motoko makes fapping material through a good many happy puberties.
      Guess why Deunan Knute wears body armor that leaves her chest area uncovered in the last movie. Totally impractical and deadly. And why her breasts have seem to grown since the first movie in the late 80s.
      So the major Kusanagi Motoko has obviously undergone a similar mutation. Oh, the joy of anime. 🙂


    • Are you supporting illegal filesharing, a.k.a. piracy, Sammie? You noty noty gurl. 😮 Ignorance doesn’t make you less guilty and won’t protect you from legal punishment. Uh oh 😦


  2. all i did was watch a friends dvd nothing wrong with that I have NO idea what shape is japanese chinese thai or any other picture language and frankly i don’t care x

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