1. Sammie, Sammie, Sammie … SAMMIE FFS!!! That was an April’s Fools joke by Rob. In case you didn’t notice there are also some facts that gave it away pretty much immediately.
    – You can’t buy Ubuntu. Nobody can. But you may grab it. It’s free open source software.
    – And anyway, what would it change, what interest would Google have in buying a piece of software everybody can have for free?
    – You could maybe buy Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu. But I don’t think Mark Shuttleworth is ready to let it go just yet. And afaik is Canonical just a giant sinkhole for Mark’s billions, an expensive hobby.
    – In case you didn’t notice yet, Google’s very own homebrewed OS, Chrome, is also a Linux system (although a closed source one), so they’ve already got a very successful Linux OS of their own.

    But generally you’re right: We don’t like Ubuntu, and we don’t want a part of it.


    • You’re praying to the choir here, Sammie. Apart from my YouTube addiction I’ve got rid of everything Google-ish in my life, not using any of their services or softwares.


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