It Gets Worserer


Whoa! Congress’ decison to allow your ISPs to sell your private data was bad but somehow logical and predictable in this day and age … but now Verizon! They are doing it. Offensively. Purposely. And they take your money nevertheless.

My advice? Wanna hear it?

Get the fuk out of *that country! Now! Before Canada decides they have welcomed quite enough American refugees.





* Home of the free, remember?



  1. Google and facebook have been doing it for years, and wait comcast ( one of the biggest US internet providers) will do it too. But stay tuned kiddies, people will have ways of beating this crap before it even hits the streets.

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    • There’s a difference between Google, Yahoo and Comcast, in so far that Comcast has the spystuff built into their mobile hardware. Ya, some geeks will find workarounds but honestly, 99.9% of people won’t even know about this little cuckoo’s egg in their nests. And those slobs won’t care, even if they knew. Exactly that lazyness, that unwillingness to spend some thinking on the problem, is what capitalism uses so well. It’s how they use and manipulate the masses. And when a slight change in the menu of a chain restaurant is deemed newsworthy material they are pretty close to reaching their goal.


    • Wouldn’t you prefer to have a EU passport, Sammie? LOL, I know you still have one but now it’s just a question of time until you’ll get a proper British one. Let’s see if that one works as well as your EU one. Standing in the “other” queue at airports, with Americans and Samoans and Nigerians and Russians and Iraqis and other 3rd world passengers must suck sooo hard. 🙂 LOL


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