Writing Apps


We all remember Luna’s quest for a nice little distraction-less writing app for her computer, do we? And you remember how I could present her around 12 million alternatives and options available in the Linux universe. And I still think there are much more FOSS and GNU/Linux apps and programs available than in the childish environments of Windows and Mac.

One writing software wasn’t on my radar until I heard the sad news of its demise: Celtx, a special writing app for screenplay writers. I wouldn’t even know how that should look like but from what I hear it was generally beloved.



But no reason to fret. Celtx is open source so it’s out there and avalable. It’s just not officially distributed and developed any further. But we all know that writing softwares had already reached the peak of development long before any of us ever touched our first computers so there won’t be much news anyway. Quite contrary: When I see all the useless shit Microsoft puts into their Office suite and the Word module – Ribbon anybody? – and how stupidly they are copied by Libre Office, I sometimes want to stop updating my computer altogether.

Anyway, Luna, if you’re into screenplay writing, why don’t you check out Celtx?


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