When I Was Visiting the USA

… and everybody tellered me the inhabitants of said country were all fatty slobs, I wouldn’t believe them. I mean they invented jogging and aerobics and Jane Fonda and stealered yoga from them Indians (ya know those other Indians, the guys from India) while we rest of the worlders were still doing regular sports and gymnastics and weight lifting and dancing, and we used to just run long distances at slow speeds instead of jogging. So they murkins was all sposed to be like super fit and slim and built like twigs … just with ginormous porn star tittiepacks and beeeeg butts. So they was sposed to be much more betterer than us.

But then all I saw was much more and ginormous … EVERYTHING!


And I was under the vague impression it’s not all gold what glitters and the American empire might start to cumble.



    • Because methinks we’re only at the beginning of a slow and looong declining curve of self-destruction from the inside out. Don’t need terrorists or the selfmade bogeyman Russia for it. A gov’ment hating its own population and slowly brewing civil unrest is indeed what I see as the gentle beginnings. We’ve ain’t seen nothing yet, Sammie. =^.^=


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