Oh Linus …


… why won’t you give it up to show us dirt cheap Chinese gaming mice …


… when the much more logical solution is so close?



No, idea if that deal is still on but anyway, even if you pay like 60 or even more dollars for the G602 you’ll get so much more value for your money. Not only is that thing wireless but also Logitech quality. Because I can promise you from my own experience those Chinamouses will break sooner rather than later. Ok, some of them don’t look too garish and obtrusive but that won’t help with their quality problems.

I know, I know. Yes, good Logitech mice are a bit more costly and the Chinese thingies are so yummy and fresh looking when you stumble about them at the neigbourly Hong Kong Gadgets store but … really now. Guys, auntie Orca bought like 4 or 5 rodents through the Shenzhen connection and none of them are still alive. Only thing I bought from there that still works was a pair of cheapo PC speakers. They look as cheap as they sound but are cool, because no moving parts. But in a mouse you’ve got relais and switches and sensors and wheels and all sorts of breakable things. Come on, be serious and get a real mouse! You’ll thank me for the good advice later.


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