Gokuraku, Gokuraku ?

As you might’ve figured out when reading the title of this post, Orca went splishsplashing again. See what more or less gokuraku (paradise) place she’s found this time for soaking deep in Japanese culture:


My not so fancy but very practical little Honda delivers me right at the very nicely done doorstep of the Onsen at Stonehenge. Hmmm, don’t ask me how these two terms could ever be mentioned in one and the same sentence, but this is Second Life and that is the name.


Tssk tssk, don’t use the scooter on the good tatami mats, stupid girl! 😦 Anyway, particularly for stupid girls like Orca they clearly wrote in English through which curtain she may enter the dressing room. How practical.


Wow, nice. The freebie towels are available for a whole plethora of various mesh bodies by famous creators, and  in fitmesh for irregular punks like Orca. Too bad this is already the second Sentó which offers no small head towels. These things are used for rubbing your body clean when showering and wear on your head while soaking in the hot spring water.


This relaxation area is again a typical Second Life invention. Sexbeds aren’t usually to be found in onsens. Neither are the type of illustrations like the one on the wall behind Orca. 😉

In fact in a typical Japanese onsen, if they have a relaxation area at all, they are for male use only. Yes yes, I find that sexist as well but we girls don’t have time to hang out at the onsen longer than necessary to get ourselves cleaned up.


Mmmmm, nice private hot bath, just for Orcsi. Me likey. 🙂


Oi, the Japanese seem to have had an age similar to what we in the West call Rubens aera. Have you ever seen such ample Japanese women? With a 21st century view I find those birth friendly girls just eeeps. No likey. 😦


On to the real onsen now, which is rather very big. I don’t know why. Onsens aren’t made to swim or dive … or tread water in.


But I love the outdoor setting, which is rather nicely made in the onsen’s own setting in 2600 meters height.


See what I mean? Frolicking in the hot waters so far offshore ain’t the right thing to do in an onsen. These things are more saunas than swimming pools. This ain’t gokuraku. 😦 What am I supposed to do here, give head to the blue ball? 😮


Cooling off on the dry floor. What I really didn’t like in this onsen are the many many – and totally outdated – poseballs. They just break the immersive effect. As we’ve seen in the other sentos it is very possible to create the same sit targets without stupid balls.


The lack of onsen specific poses and anims is very obvious in this bathhouse. No showers, no washing, the onsen at Stonehenge is, despite its nice looks, the farthest removed from its Japanese sources of all the onsens/sentos I’ve visited so far.

stonehenge_013 As becomes apparent from this total perspective, the onsen is located high up in the sky, so we can’t have a view onto a nice and calming landscape around us.

Conclusion: The onsen at Stonehenge is another place for loving couples to do the hanky panky in a kinda public place. I find that rather disappointing, particularly when taking the lack of other typical onsen things into account. Like it is now this onsen is nothing but a cheap imitation. Very disappointing. If on the other hand you’re up to no good with your partner and want some comforting afternoon delight, this might be just the place for you. 🙂 Just don’t expect the total Japanese experience.



    • A bit too late to follow your advice, Sammie. I’m old and dirty by now, lost my squeaky clean innocent mindset long ago. 😦
      BTW, nice to see you on my bloggy again. Is that your regular SL routine now, Sam, checking Orca blog fortnightly, leaving some clever comments and then disappearing for another two weeks? Come on hun, even your super lazy friend Orcsi manages to log in every couple days … and even bloggers about it. OMG, what are you doing in RL, how could you allow your RL to steal all your online time?


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