Manjaro Climbs to #3

Climbs? Nooo, it strides! It walks proudly! It waltzes its way to the top!

Hi, just a quick post today. Just some bragging. 🙂 If you care to remember my post of February 27. you’ll remember how proud I was of my fave distro to have made its way up to #4 in the Distrowatch ranking. And maybe you remember how I predicted Manjaro’s rise will not peak at #4 but continue. And today, kinda one months later, I check the charts again, as I sometimes do, and what do I see?


Yes! Yesyesyes, my fraggles! Manjaro sits big and fat and proud on #3, finally in absolute Top Hit territory. Pfff, why do I say “finally”? Manjaro is still a kinda young Linux distro, still in its adolescence and rebel phase. It rebelled the mighty, billionaire financed Ubuntu empire off its throne aboard the death star. But it’s sooo fukn good, such a (kinda) stable workhorse, day in day out and serves Orca since 4 years or so. And it’s only “kinda” stable because stupid Orca conducts too many stupid experiments on her important production machine … and fucks everything up.

No, we can state with a certain amount of certainty that Manjaro Linux is can be as stable as Debian.

And, oh here, if I change the period term from 6 months to 7 days we see Manjaro did another big leap from #3 up to #2 just in the last couple days!


Boyz n gurlz, this is huge! What a success for a distro from the geeky depths of the Linux ecosystem. A world dominated by toddler-like distros such as Ubuntu and clones. Ok, kinda disclaimer to follow now: Due to its very clever installer and a very not only helpful but nice community, Manjaro is kinda the Ubuntu of the Arch world. The “real” Arch geeks look down on us with the same pityful stare I look at Ubuntu users. 🙂

Also, and let’s not forget this, Distrowatch’s ranking comes from page views, not proper install base. Which means every time you surf to Ubuntu’s homepage it will be counted, even if you just wanna have a short peek. Don’t need to download the ISO file, don’t even need to have Ubuntu or Manjaro or any other Linux installed at all. So the ranking is a very coarse instrument which rather indicates the interest a certain distro generates than it is an accurate system.

Still, I’m very happy now. For once in my life it seems I made a correct decision, betted on the right horse.



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