Another Linux Distro Review?


I planned to do a thorough review of this new kid on the Linux block, Apricity. It all sounded so nice and fancy on its website and I had quite big plans with it. Based on Arch, just like my Manjaro and featuring a thingy with which you can build your own distro.

Build your own distro!

Whoa, cool! Imagine a handmade OrcaOS, super beginners and ladies friendly, without all the ballast and stupid shit nobody needs but with only the most elementary apps every girl needs. But that 1000% functional! And of course with preinstalled Firestorm and Singularity viewers!

Super, eh? But since that’s quite some time in the future, I just wanted to show you Apricity in its natural state, which looks like so:

Freshly installed on Gaga, Apricity with GNOME DE looks very yummy. However we’re not using it like that. So, basta!

Fresh outta the box, installed not even a minute ago, Apricity welcomes us with the fancy GNOME environment. Looks modern and fresh, right? Yeah, but in reality GNOME is just hateful shit, made for tablets and smartphones and other pipedreams. I just wanted to give GNOME one more chance to rehabilitate itself on my desktop but after helplessly clicking around on the desktop without achieving anything meaningful I’ve decided to stop today’s experiment. Will try it again maybe later today or tomorrow with the other desktop Apricity lets us choose: Cinnamon. That one is real friendly and much better tweakable to your fancy. It might not look that adorable on first sight but as a desktop user you’ll be so much happier with it in daily life. I can guarantee you that.

But girls (and boys too if you wanna), please help me out here: Just gimme some feedback about what kind of softwares and applications you really like/need/use the most. And if you have a favourite, please let me know your choice as well. I mean it’s clear everybody needs a web browser, so that’ll be included anyway. But which one shall it be Firefox, Chrome, Chromium, Safari, Midori …? Do you need a full office suite or is a writer module or even a text editor enough? In multimedia, what MP3 and video player do you prefer? You need Skype? Emailer? Some photoshop-like program or just a photo manager? What else?

You want a docky, like all Mac style, and maybe a fancy conky? Or do you need your OS to be very sparse with a bias on speed?

Please, some feedback would be very helpful. Come on people, I’m doing this for you!



  1. not chrome yikes it’s soooo intrusive a translator for sure singularity deco open office some easy paint prog i’m stuck with gmail even if i hate it i mean this girl doesn’t need much oh and a pretty screen of course don’t forget i’m used to the beauty of apples xx

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    • Cool sammie, you’re the first and only responding reader for now. Ok, I note your wishes down:

      No Chrome: Yes, it’s a fukn wicked infograbbing company, and as Linux purists we don’t like that. Unfortunately most users aren’t politically aware, not even Linuxers are. Poor fucks, but whatever. I’m here to please, and from what I hear Chrome seems to be the better browser, compared to Firefuck. I don’t know, am so settled and happy in my ways I don’t see any reason to change my browsing habits. Soooo, maybe I’m gonna give you both, FF and Chromium, to choose from.

      Singularity: Yes yes yes, I’ll include that as standard issue, and Firestorm as well.

      Deco: Huh? Wotz dat?

      Open Office: No way! But of course you shall get Libre Office, OO’s successor. I guess OO is dead by now anyway and all the development is done in Libre Office.

      Easy paint program: Hmm, yes GIMP is a bit overdone for most simple operations. Will find a simple thing and add that as well. I mean GIMP is a must so we’ll have that anyway.

      Gmail: I don’t have the faintest idea how anybody could be stuck with an email address. I just let my Gmail account die out. Not answering any mails and don’t even have it in my email software. Your email account ain’t part of the operation system anyway. I shall include Thunderbird or a similar email manager tho. You can use that to operate all your email accounts, Gmail or otherwise.

      The pretty screen isn’t in my hands … or only to a small part. If I go with Apricity and indeed find a way to make a custom distro from it and manage to make it downloadable from GitHub it’ll be on Cinnamon desktop environment. I can set up a pretty background wallpaper as standard. But that doesn’t mean much anyway. Nothing easier done that adding your own wallpapers to the desktop.
      But that’s all in the not to near future.

      For now RL will probably take over a huge chunk my life, starting next week. If all goes according to plan we’ll have that panel van to play with, and if you know my RL situation you’ll know that all the handiwork is mostly on me. Pffff, really looking forward to do some carpentry. 😮 It’s somehow different from typing a blog and testing Linux distros, so I hear.


  2. I’m a dab hand at carpentry now even fitted my own kitchen unit but god a cube to do the work top re email, simply because it’s my main email and i don’t expect all my contacts to change that’s the way of e world didn’t know Open office was superceeded so yay i will hunt it down T bird is OK but there are a bazillion email clients and NO way am i gonna check out what’s best search can do that xx lazy sammie off to the garden hot here today x

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    • I don’t even know if there’s a spellchecker available for the comments. And besides, wasn’t you a teacher of sorts, even an English teacher? And now look at me: A fukn stupid ESLer outspelling a natural born English woman. \o/
      Can it be your misspellings are in reality just sloppy typos? Lazyness, as you said so yourself.


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