Interesting, Very


Hm, that’s not a very newsworthy article, isn’t it? So why did I stumble about it and found it interesting, even very interesting? Please check what Neil Gaiman has to say about the importance of libraries, reading and daydreaming. And then maybe you can agree with me. I hope so.

Because, believe it or not, the puppet player of the SL avatar known as Orca Flotta, is in RL quite the counterpiece of her loudmouth punk pixel puppet. Really, I’m rather shy, very quiet, and actually quite a pleasant person. I’m a reader, even a hobbyist novelist, but mostly a reader. I always loved to read … and I read a lot. I even got in trouble in school, not because I was disruptive or loud or played truant but because I was reading books instead of paying attention to the teachers. And later, even in my most broke days I always made sure I had enough books to satisfy my literary needs. Even gave up on a good food supply in order to buy more books.

And we all know what became of me, do we? Yes, a not very well balanced, immature, adult woman. 😮 LOL. Doesn’t matter much. The ability to read, not just academic science stuff, but to read fiction, the ability to immerse into the worlds, characters and plots of novels, in my eyes is one of the greatest gifts bestowed on humans. And it will help shaping our future. We can’t go on like this anymore, that’s for sure. This world doesn’t need more Trumps and Clintons and Merkels and Putins and other administrators of the “real life”. What the world needs are dreamers, people with vision, people with empathetic abilities. What we need are millions of little Harry Potters (not that I’ve ever read a HP novel). We need people who believe and trust in the power of magic. Not in the power of marketshares and air raids.

Am I naive? You betcha I am! And I’m proud of it and hope I’ll never change.


  1. I’ve always been a heavy reader, too. But my book consumption fell after I joined SL. No surprises there, and for a while I rather enjoyed feeling like the protagonist in a novel written in real time.

    Lately, though, for a number of reasons, I’ve curtailed my SL time in favor of reading. Maybe this will be cyclical, dunno yet. BTW, can you recommend a Gaiman novel? I’ve never read his fiction. 🙂

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    • Sorry Luna, I’ve never read Gaiman yet. Maybe I should try. My favourite genre is SciFi tho. I love it because SciFi covers a lot of other literary genres but often in new, interesting ways. I just thought what he said in that interview was very clever. Hmm, clever is good, isn’t it? So maybe I should try a Gaiman soon. As soon as I’m done with The Expanse series.


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