Wotz shit?

Diz shit:

Abhishek means well.

There are so many well-meaning guys out there on the innerwebz, on the YouTubz, in bloggies and sites and fori n stuffz, and they all want to help you to “learn Linux”. How nice. Thank you very much, guys. xoxoxox

Thanks for making us feel inept and stupid. :..(

Academy? For Linux??? Are they fuckin with us?

horn6But, honest now and back to reality, why learn Linux? Why not just use it? Are you gonna collide particles at CERN, are you constructing a spaceship? No? So you just wanna play in Second Life, read Orca’s bloggy, watch some YT vids, play games, write your own blog, manage your emails and work in an office suite and manage your awesome horn7photos of your awesome friends in horn-rimmed glasses? Ok, then there is no need to “learn” a simple operating system for your computer. Anybody ever tried to teach you how to use a Mac? You know how to use your keyboard, right? And a mouse as well, I assume. Soooo … you got everything you need to live a happy life in Linux.


Of course Linux is not Windows. And it’s not MacOS neither. So there will be some differences in operation … but there’ll be even greater differenes in between the operation of various Linux Desktop Environments than between Windows or MacOS and something simple like Xfce, MATE or Cinnamon. And mostly thorn3hese desktops are easier and faster and more satisfying to handle than the ones by Microsoft and Apple. So, if anything, you’ve gotta unlearn some stuff rather than to learn new skillz. For realz: Linux is made for girls!

With and without glasses, horn-rimmed or not.

Chances are you’ll never encounter this primitive thing.


In most modern Linuxes you don’t need to employ the terrifying Terminal thing at all. Only some weirdos and wannabe experts like Orca are sometimes working in the terminal, and that only to solve horn2some rather insider-ish geeky problems. Problems you’ll most probably never encounter in the first place. There is no need to turn into a girlgeek and wear hornrimmed glasses.


horn4Looking particularly at Potty and Sammie now: Girls, checking out Linux on a spare machine ain’t a “project”. It doesn’t need long winter nights. It needs no preparation apart from acquiring that spare machine and … fukn install your Linux distro of choice (Linux Mint, Linux Lite) on it … and then start being awesome immediately.

Whaddaya waitin’ for?



  1. 3 reasons I have not switched to Linux
    1) Firestorm doesn’t work on Linux anymore and screw the LL default viewer
    2) SKype, use it all the time..the linux version is like 4.6 or some crap, doesnt have desktop sharing and looks like it was developed on 3.1.1 for work groups
    3) Steam- 70% of my steam library doesn’t run on Linux

    If they could get those 3 things right I would make it my primary OS, but since they can’t..uninstall and back to evil microsuck windblows

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    • Hai Jackie,
      very sorry to hear about your grievances. Maybe you’re trying to run a weird Linux system? I can assure you that I log into and play in SL on Firestorm and Singularity with Manjaro, Mint and other Linuxes and never had a problem. Ok, right now I can’t save snapshots to hard drive with Singu on Manjaro. Obviously some media format failure or something. I’m too lazy to research that problem and fix it. But all the rest works great. In Manjaro, as well as any other Arch based distro you’ll find and install Singu and FS both directly from the AUR. Can’t be any more comfy if you tried.

      Can’t say anything about Skype, since I hate and never use telephones if I can avoid it. But I know my husband used Skype some years ago on Ubuntu and for him it worked fine. Desktop sharing? dafuq is dat? I thought Skype is like making telephone calls, just over IP, not?

      I’m like totally clueless about anything gaming and shit, so I can’t help you with Steam. All I know is that SteamOS is a slightly modded Debian and that Steam has lots and lots of Linux games. I guess one third of their giant library is Linux compatible. And from what I heard just the other day Steam has more games for Linux on offer than all the major consoles have games combined for any other system. So with Linux you’re far better off than with any console.
      And anyhoo, if the game manufacturers don’t make their games avilable for Linux it’s not a system imminent Linux failure but just shortsighted marketing idiocy. No? So it’s not any Linux OS unable to have more games and it’s not Linux as a whole but just the devs of your own Linux distro’s fault that FS won’t run on your hardware. Try something real, like any *buntu or Arch based distro and you’re golden.

      Please, I beg you, give Linux another chance. It’s so much fun on the Linux side. \o/


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