Hygiene Freak Orca

Unbelievable. After nearly 1.5 years of not taking a bath at all, today was already the second day in a row I visited a Japanese Onsen. Let’s see how I liked the experience in Pino Onsen:

After entering the onsen at Pino you’re in a generous tatami lounging area, painstakingly kept clean by a janitoring penguin.
Yes, some hydration before we enter the bath area. A nice cold Kirin is now the perfect drinky. Of course, because other than freezing cold you can’t drink that shite.
Ok, segregation of the sexes is kept to a minimum here, as boys’ and girl’s undressing rooms are pretty close and freely available for members of the opposite gender. More about that in the next photo …
… which shows us a different set of rules than in more traditional bath houses. Japengrish at its best but nevertheless kinda clear, no? Anyway, it becomes quite apparant that Pino is a roleplay sim.

Public, Bath, Spa, Relaxation, 天然温泉,onsen, ぴの温泉, 混浴, Bathing together,couples, japan, 露天風呂,hot spring, 湯煙, Sentoh, 銭湯,ぴノ湯, 四季, sentou , mixed spa
/*Sky: “[TOR] SUNRISE – Wonderzan” Water: “[TOR] Claira” */

Mmmm, the onsen area itself is really really nice with its indoor/outdoor setting.
Most of the poseballs are partner anims … yes, we’re definately in a roleplay sim. But the few single anims are pretty nice and I start to feel the Asian clearmindedness and surrender to deep relaxation.
But before soaking, first we gotta shower. This is again quite different from more realistic onsens as we shower in the bath area. Usually this is unthinkable.
Clean freak Orca is happy to have found a single anim that doesn’t set her up in humping motions. 🙂
Aaaw, that’s what we came here for, isn’t it? Soak. Relax. Soak more. Relax deeply.
This is the nicest bath area of all three onsens I visited so far. If only the look and feel wasn’t so plasticky.
Feeling a bit like Anderson’s little mermaid. Or rather said, Disney’s little mermaid.
I like this onsen more and more.
The vista is breathtaking. I really don’t wanna leave.

If only they’d made a nicer default windlight setting. This golden glow ([TOR] SUNRISE – Wonderzan)  is a bit much and becomes quite abrasive after a while.
If I had to rank the visited onsens, which, for reasons, I won’t do, I really wouldn’t know how to rank the Pino onsen. It’s not a very well-balanced bath house. On one side we have a very nice setup in a nice sim but on the other side we have this heavily radiated atmosphere and the most unrealistic bathing experience plus some roleplaying rules which kinda clash with the whole onsen idea. This ain’t a whorehouse ffs!!!

I for one didn’t enjoy my stay nearly as much as I hoped for and as was probably intended by the sim admins. So if you’re really looking for some traditional, realistic onsen experience better look at Sababai Sai or Kikyou-chan.


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