Orca Takes a Bath. Yes, Again.

Ugh, didn’t she just cleanse her body and soul inside out a couple weeks ago? Oh, oopsie … August 23, 2015. Ok, it’s been a while. No wonder SL smells so bad whenever I log her on. Anyway, since I really enjoyed my last visit to a Japanese onsen I thought I should do it again.

For today’s scrubbing I decided on the Sababai Sai Onsen – Japanese Style Hot Spring, a much more oldfashioned bath house than the urban one I vitited last time.
Nice little convenient touch right at the start. You don’t need to read kanji only to find out if you’re a girl or a boy.
The undressing area is very similar to most other onsens and sentos. You’ll find free head and body towels here.
Hey, wearing more clothes than before I went into the onsen. 😮
Of course free spirit Orca says Pfff to the towels.
Like in millions of other onsensens first you gotta take a shower. And you do it sitting down … I guess in order to not spritz your water over other bathers.
Since Orca is the only guest in Sababai Sai she deeply relaxes and flops before she even hits the bath.
But then … finally … aaaaaaaaaaaw, so good, so relaxing, so wonderfu…
…uuuuuck!!! It’s so fukn … HotHotHot!
Better take a little stroll through the outside area, which is beautiful
The outdoors hot pool is much nicer. This is why we are here, why we TPd all the way to the WatchTower sim. Orca enjoys a glass of sake while soaking in the hot spring water.
Finally total and deep relaxation sets in. That’s the life.
On this sit target I could give you a massage … if you were here with me. But you aren’t so you won’t be getting any. 🙂
In Germany we say “die Seele baumeln lassen”, which roughly translates to “letting the soul hang out”.
High pressure hothot shower! Is not for everyone but since Orca is a burned child already she can not only take it, but enjoy it!
Mmmmm, DAKARA, the soda of the gods. Perfect ending for today’s soaking experience.

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