Lenovo, You Unholy Fucks! :(


Didn’t I write that despite Lenovo’s unethical conduct it’s okay to purchase some of their products? Yes, for the more expensive and professional machines. But now, what do I read there in this YouTube comment:


So it’s true. Microsoft seems to have so much kompromat on Lenovo or made them an offer they just can’t refuse. It’s even worse than Acer. So there goes a formerly reputable manufacturer of fine office machines and becomes part of Microsoft’s global shakedown.

Bad products, don’t buy!


Oh fuck!


Peepels, don’t buy anything with Lenovo’s name on it. I mean, maybe some used computers, like Orca did. But no cheapo consumers shit! No IdeaPads!


Professional stuff: Buy!

ThinkCentres and ThinkPads might still be alright.

Professional lappies: Buy!

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