Aaaaand …

* pOOf *

… Turdy’s gone! 😮

Sold, got rid of her, passed her on to a better home. Hubby’s a bit sad, says he’s missing the old turdocharger. Stupid fool. I miss that old crappy thing too, but for a completely different set of my very own reasons, since the empty parking lot for me means I’ve gotta trek to the stores … on foot, per pedes, walking, taking a hike. 😦 And that in 3,000°C African heat, for at least one week, while the workshop gets the old Transit up and running, roadworthy and fitted with automatic gearbox and new carburettor. Whoohoo! It’s gonna be so great.

Just happy that old Chev stinker’s gone now. Honestly, it was a terrible terrible car. Ok, I gotta admit the oil stains are not Turdy’s fault but memorabilia of the fukn Mercedes. Now that was a great car and … ugh, don’t even get me started on the old Benz.

But now I’m looking forward to some of this:

Of course I’ll drive more careful. A bit. 🙂


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