It’s Here!!!


Pheew, it took too long. But now, today, Rogue One finally made an appearance in a Pirate Bay in our neighbourhood. 🙂


In the meantime the torrent has finished and we’re getting ready to watch this questionable cinematic masterpiece. And this time in a volume that won’t destroy my eardrums and with subtitles so I’ll finally be able to follow the plot.

Asking me if I don’t have a bad conscience about this unlawful piratizing, I gotta say no. For reasons. First is we don’t have a Blue-Ray player to play any bought disc off, secondly I already paid my due when I went to watch this flick in the cinema. And thirdly, most importantly, I want hubby to watch it with me! Maybe I can change his mind regarding the quality of non-canonical Star Wars flicks.

Ok, drinkies? Check.

Foodies: Check.

Curtains closed: Doin’ it right now …

Sound level ok? Check.

Well, I’m off for a while. Orca out. 🙂


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