That, ladies and boys, that is feminism! Particularly the younger girls of my readership, please take note: These women are all wearing saris, they are supposedly supressed Indian females. And still they are all doctors and engineers, rocket scientists and astrologists. And they sent a rocket to Mars. To the fucking MARS!!!


I bet none of these scientists worries about empowerment or an alleged gender pay gap. They are to busy being awesome to care about insignificant shit like the modern feminism. I bet if any male coworker tries to fuck with them, they will take him on personally instead of making a big political debate of it. That’s why they are at the top of their game! Not because they start political discussions from the comfort of their safe zone. Because so-called safe zones are just a sign of weakness and immaturity … and insecurity. If you wanna get recognized in a male-dominated workplace you gotta do the simplest and most logical thing, you gotta work. That’s all.



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