Bye Bye Turdy …

One last photo on the buyer’s backlot. In background his fantabulous 1974 Nissan.

Yeah, lost all the little love I still had for Turdy. That thing needed too much money just to maintenance it without ever getting any better. So when a couple days ago I found a business card at the windcreen wiper, asking if I’d be willing to sell Turdy we didn’t need to think twice.

And in order to make our lifes easier we decided on buying a VW bus (Bulli in Germany), a Volkwagen Microbus (or Volksiebus in South Africa) or Vanagon (in the USA). Because we can  heave hubby into the vehicle without any need for him to leave his wheelchair. Clever thinking. 🙂 Whoa!, it’s not easy finding a good, cheap one tho. But today, on the way to the buyer, who has his company in a local industrial area, I found something even betterer. This here:

Hello “Fire Engine”! 🙂 If Orca was a car she’d look like so.

I always loved the Ford Transit more than the Volkwagen counterpart. Motor in front means more space in the back, where one needs it. Also easier maintenance and options for much more powerfullerer engines. Perfection.

A comfy grotto.

So the new one, we’re gonna order today, features a strong Ford V6 motor, automatic gearbox and a choice of carburettor or electronic fuel injector. Will prolly go with the carburettor option because of easier repair.

Airplane-style cockpit with overhead entertainment center and not one but two sunroofs. This is pretty cool.

Of course this van will need a lot of TLC inside and out but we’re really excited and looking forward to it. The basis is sound and this van was a heckofalot cheaper than heckofalot worserer looking Volkswagen vans.

Looksee the racing tyres. 😮 Teehee, what fun on a lame ass delivery van and camping mobile. And we got a towbar!!! No need for it but cool to have. Should some unattentive Capetonian driver decide to take us from behind they’ll find a nice little *DING* in their front bumper.

Pretty excited and happy now. Particularly now, without a car to roam around town looking at various crappy VW vanagons, we found this darling right at our local industry. And what better place to look for quirky vehicles than in an industrial area, located directly opposite a racetrack, where every second company is busy in the racing and motoring business anyway. The guy we’re buying the Transit from has a turbocharger workshop and got the Ford Transit as collateral from a broke ass customer. Perfect opportunity for us to grab it for cheap. We will get it rebuilt and roadworthy for less money than we got for Turdy.

Impressive frontend, ain’t it? More oldstyle stylish and British fancy than the bland Volkswagen front. And she carries her racing stripe rather well, doesn’t she? Sexayyy. 😉

Of course once we’ve got it roadworthy and registered the true work will start: Panel beating, spraypainting, camper conversion will all cost money. But honestly, we love this thing now already much more than we ever loved Turdy. And it’s probably even older than Turdy as well. This model was only built up to 1978, this one looks more like late 60s, early 70s. So getting rid of Turdy was no loss.

PS: The Beeb even made a film about the Transit …


    • Don’t worry, Lez, Turdy’s found a new home where he’s in better hands and given more love than we ever were possible to give him. When I was pointing out the various little and big problems the new owner just shrugged it off and was like: “I’m looking forward to fixing that. This car will get a total rebuild.” Having seen his and his daddy’s work on other cars I can’t help but kinda envy Turdy his new home. 🙂 I wish my parental units would’ve spent that much attention on me. 😮


  1. Hmm…the email thinger didn’t tell me you had replied….oh well. *shrug*
    Anyway, good for Turdy and good for you and hubby. ENjoy your new van 🙂

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