Oy Orca!

Stupid bimbo recently forgot to check on some of her fave SL blogs. As if time would stand still as long as she looks in the other direction. Boy was she wrong. Because a lot of stuff actually happened in and around the realm of SL. For example all these stories:



Infamous SL artist SaveMe Oh even provoked a reaction by the man himself!




After some (lots of) delays LL finally launched the completely refurbished Comunity Platform Daniel Voyager reports. I can’t imagine anything that would excite me more. 🙂


Thx to our friends at Sailing Anarchy we get to hear the world’s best tactician calling a whole race in this very informative video.




Meanwhile the population of Bay City has to deal with its own set of quirky and cute affairs. I wish them all the best and hope they’ll survive all the hoopla.



Berry Singh unpacks all the subscription boxes she can get her fingers on. What a brave and super fashionable SL bloggerista this beautiful lady is. My imaginary hat’s off to her.




A good rolemodel for us all, Inara Pey is always into helping with some cause or the other. Adorable.



And Uccie writes about the same good cause in her own blog. I’d guess what they really need in the US would be a functioning social insurance system. But that’s probably too political or too humane so I just shut up about it.



Meanwhile Tipsy Cerulean’s good friend, Mr. C. Cow, lost his fancy duck hat in the stiff breeze.


Sooo, I hope I could catch up with recent developments now. Laterz my darlings



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