Bird is the Word

Since a couple days we wonder how so many bird droppings got into our house. Geckos, yeah, they dop on the wall, no prob. And neighbour’s cats don’t dare to come in … and if they do they are too civilized to do their business right in our lounge. So how the fuk did this birdyshit come in? And the birds as well. Usually wild birds don’t like to visit humans in their habitats. But then yesterday I noticed a suspect movement in the lounge …


Ahaaa! Thar she blows!


As soon as he/she noticed human movement in the room he/she became hectic and tried to escape through the window … the closed window. 😮


Stupid bird. Coming in was obviously very easy for him/her, did the trick a couple times during the last days already. But now he/she tried to fly directly thru the glass. 😦 But as soon as I backed off a couple meters she/she became clever again and found his/her way through the front door. Like a boss.

PS: LUCY??? WTF is that? I know it’s not a penguin, no heron, no colibri (hummingbird) and no hadedah. Looks like some sort of finch in my uneducated eyes.



    • Thx for letting me know, Tamm. So so, a Cape Robin eh? Of course it is. Quite fitting name for a birdy here in Cape Town by the cape. With the ongoing draught here I’d rather expected a vulture but a Cape Robin will do nicely.


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