Take a Breather



Pheeew. Sounds good, right? Linux in Munich (LiMux) will be saved. I guess now only the evil mayor needs to listen to the experts. Easy peasy. But will it ever happen? I mean he to has bills to pay and kids to feed … and some money on the side from Microsoft surely comes in handy, doesn’t it?

Listen to Munich’s IT boss:

“We’ve solved compatibility and interoperability problems by providing MS Office, mostly virtualized, at the workstations that need to work with external organizations using Office documents,” he said.

See how nice Munich’s Linux based system is to outside entities? Outsiders who are too lazy to even step away from MS’s own proprietary .DOC filesystem in favour of something more professional like .RTF. I mean who does really save their text files as .DOC anymore? Who did ever??? Not even when I was still working and authoring in Windows, did I ever use MS-Word and .DOC. It’s just one click to say goodbye to proprietary and hello to the open world.

Peepels are so fukn stupid, chosing the lesser option just because it’s so damn comfy inside the walled garden and saves them the headache of thinking for a few seconds. Fuckers didn’t deserve better.

Inside a walled garden


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