You May Fall For This. ;)


Of course both Dell Linux lines are a wee bit more costly than Litebook’s crappy offering but this is real good, professional stuff!

You know Orca’s stance on the whole hardware for Linux topic. You don’t need a professional Dell PC, neither a Lenovo or any other brand name. I guess with the exception of ARM processors you can install Linux onto just about anything that has a power button. So save your bucks, buy a stupidly cheap Chinashit PC, and go to town with it. Install all the Linux distros, try them out, get frustrated with them, purge and get the next candidate. It’s fun … and you will learn soooo much about how all that crap works.

And once you’re firmly seated in the saddle of your fave Linux distro, go get that sexy little Dell XPS13 bitch or a spunky workstation PC. Or build your own. Or anything else or … ugh, just do whatever.

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