Now a Bit of Good Oldfashioned Propaganda


I guess particularly the second paragraph hits my readership squarely. Most of you – if you’re not totally sick and tired of Orca’s Linux barrage and have signed off already – are probably still sitting on the fence, going “hmmm”, shaking your heads, pushing the decision to tomorrow or next week or to the next summer/winter season. That’s why I decided to link to that article on Linux Insider.

Now all you gotta do is read that shit, get the hots for Linux, download Linux Mint … and install it on your most crappy PC. And then play the fuk out of it, ruin it, or become amazingly productive on your new system right away and write an article with screenshots, coveing your awesome experience and publish it on Thar She Blows!

Nobody’s ever said that only Orca blows in this blog, you know. You can blow as well! 🙂

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