Marketshare? Really?


Really, OMG! Ubuntu!??? You serious?

You’re a Linux blog, right? You should know better than to compare apples to oranges. Such nonsensical articles make me angry, like really angry. 😮 😦

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear now: Linux has no marketshare! None at all. Linux doesn’t aim for a market as such. Linux ain’t a commercial product, so it doesn’t need a market and it doesn’t even compete with Chrome OS. That’s not how Linux works, ffs!

And what do they mean with “regular Linux”? I can imagine some scenarios in which some stupid wannabe journalist would talk about “official” or “regular” Linuxes, all of them not very clever tho. As long as your neighbour’s granny makes her selfmade Ubuntu (or Debian or Arch or whatever) respin available for download it is as official and regular as Ubuntu itself. Every other interpretation would miss the point, the very definition of Linux.

Furthermore how do they know that Chrome OS has “double” the marketshare of Linux? I guess Chrome OS’s sale numbers are openly available … but Linux? Not even all downloads are registered and nobody knows if all downloaded ISO files do indeed end up installed on a computer. On the other hand I could easily install the very same physical ISO of my beloved Manjaro Linux onto all 5 of hubby’s and mine machines. So there’s 1 Linux download compared to 2 Chrome downloads, when in reality there are now more than twice as much Linuxes installed than Chromes. 🙂 The OMG! Ubuntu! guys wouldn’t know. They can’t know. It would be unnatural for them to know.

And what numbers are they using anyway?

StatCounter’s desktop OS report for February 2017 puts Chrome OS usage at 3.36% versus 1.47% for Linux.

These figures may be good and fine for Chrome OS; Linux, as stated, is impossible to track. How do they come to a result of 1.47%? Didn’t we just learn from another source that Linux’s marketshare has broken the 3% hurdle in 2016? See, there is no consistency, no credibility to all those figures and stats. And I for my part am not even remotely interested in them.

And then there’s the literal elephant in the room: They are talking about the marketshare of Linux and Chrome OS in the USA. That little attribute shifts the numbers quite a bit methinks. Americans are known to be much more sceptical of techno-commie stuff and community powered projects like Linux and tend to prefer the commercial alternatives over the grassroots sources. So it’s only logical you find a higher percentage of Chromebooks and less acceptance of GNU/Linux solutions on that side of the pond. I guess a worldwide statistic would show us different figures.

Fact is ChromeOS is just another Linux distro with the only difference being that it’s exclusively available installed on a Cromebook and it doesn’t care about the GNU licence in GNU/Linux. 😉 Do the Chromebook customers even know? Do they care? No, I guess not. So why should OMG! Ubuntu! care? And why should we?


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