Don’t Fall For This Crap!

Another public service announcement by Thar She Blows! for your benefit. You can pay me back later in sexual favours. 😉 As our Indian friends from the It’s F.O.S.S. website just reported …


Ok, to make it short, what they do isn’t illegal. But bulk-ordering a bunch of cheapo Chinese craptops from Alibaba, putting a fashionable Linux on them and then selling with quite a markup price, isn’t very nice neither. It’s actually kinda fishy and won’t help the Linux movement at all. If anything it will cast a shadowy light on Linux as a whole and everyone involved with it.

This ain’t even a real Linux desktop image but it’s photoshopped into the image of the laptop. 😦

Let me make it absolutely clear: There is absolutely nothing wrong with ordering your IT equipment from Alibaba or Aliexpress, absolutely not. The build quality of Chinese products has become much better in the last couple years and they have some nifty products you can’t get from any other place in the world. And guess where all your Lenovos, Apples and probably most of “Japanese” products as well are coming from. But ordering the same shit via a faceless (maybe) American fly-by-night operation, who do nothing but swapping out the Windows install for some Linux and then adding like 70-100 US$ to the initial price, is stupidity. Sorry to say, but that’s how it is. Don’t fall for it!

Eventhough ZDNet seems to think the Litebook is a good idea, we know better than that, don’t we?

Litebook bulk order from China
This is were you can order your own Chinabook for less, and then enjoy the integrated  Windows or make it useful and put your own Linux on it.

Okayyy, now let’s imagine Orca’s propaganda efforts did finally show some effect and you somehow stumbled over the Litebook offer and were just about to order such a thing from Shenzhen/China or Florida or wherever they claim to reside … and now I’m telling you to leave it? Yes. Let me ask you why you wanted to buy a laptop with preinstalled Linux in the first place. Didn’t dare to install it yourself?

I can understand if some of you are a bit intimidated by the thought of installing software on your valuable computer, let alone the Operating System. But let me tell you, it’s not complicated and it’s not dangerous. In case something doesn’t work out just rinse, repeat. And let’s not forget you always have  that Orca, sitting like a spider in  her web and waiting for stupid n00bs crying for help. A Linux install is the most simple thing, prolly easier than building the infamous LEGO police station. So don’t fear just purchasing your favourite Chinese computer directly from Alibaba. I promise we get your sexy ass on your favourite Linux in no time and without handing over your money to some clever spammers.



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