\o/ YAY! \o/ or \o/ NAY! \o/ ???

Yay! Just collected my two problem childs from the lesbian workshop and installed them back into my setup. Everything seems to run perfectly fine …


… but now I’m confused. My desk isn’t a small girlish one but still this looks very much like total overfilled by total overkill. Of course I’m like totally confuzzled and always trying to type on the wrong keyboard while looking at the wrong screen. I fukn can’t work like that.

I know: 1st world problems.

In the 3rd world!

A little help please?



    • Yes hun, spaaaaace is most important, some even say space is our future. Thx for the Golden Protipp!

      Arranged the way like it looks in the photo it’s a dysfunctional mess. Fortunately I rarely use all 4 PCs at once, OrcNet is usually not even on the desk and the keyboards of MiniMe and Gaga are packed away in their garages underneath the monitor stand. My desk looks almost not silly anymore and we got enough space for our drinkies and foodstuff again. Yesyes, I know: No drinkies near a kompjudah, but when we’re watching a muuvie for O@tM, we need some nutrition.


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